Friday, October 7, 2011

You Complete Me: day 3

Previously:  day 1, day 2

Just two more packages today, but that's cool because we're winding down--I'm awaiting one more from SportLots plus the Biff McLargeHuge COMC haul.  Technically I should be getting one more SportLots buy, but that seller hasn't shipped it yet, and it doesn't look like it's gonna happen.  No biggie--it was just one of the 2001 Donruss Rookie Reprints I needed, so if I had to have a no-show buy, this was the one. (remember, I still need two others from that set anyway)
Today was all baseball (and that'll stay the case this time--I don't foresee any new packages this late, plus I don't have any more football stuff coming regardless.  So here's today's haul:
Envelope #1 (SportLots):

This was obviously the larger of the two packages today.  First up are the last nine 2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects I needed to close the book on that set, (along with base Bowman and base Prospects) meaning I'm left with my soon-to-be-completed Bowman's Best Veteran and Prospect insert sets. (I'm lookin' at you, COMC)  Knock another one off the list, baby.
Up next are the last three 2003 Topps Total base cards I needed (I still need three as yet unpurchased Checklist inserts) meaning I now own all 990 from that big guy.  Unfortunately these got pretty badly dinged in their upper-left corners during transport somehow.  I let the seller know he should be more careful in the future, but if I had to happen to anything I ordered here, it may as well have been the cheapest of everything.  The scan doesn't show just how terrible they are, so gimme some credit for being very understanding here, guys!  Anyway, look forward to a series of posts where I scan all of those page by page.
Finally we have one of the few 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites I needed; the rest should come in the next mail day or two.  This one is Blue Jays fan favorite Tony Fernandez, reprinted in the style of 1999 Topps, I believe.  Of Topps' various reprint base card sets from this era, this was one they really did well all around--the numbering system was legible and meshed well with the design, the set size wasn't ungodly large and the player choice was pretty reasonable.  I see a good chance of my scanning these up for all of you to see before long as well.
# of cards:  13     # of sets added to:  3     # of sets completed:  2

Envelope #2 (SportLots):
As before, nothing to scan here--this included a solitary card:  Mark Grace's 2001 Donruss Rookie Reprint of his '88 Donruss Rated Rookie, numbered 0370/1988.  You can bet your sweet ass you'll see each and every one of these the moment I have all of them.
# of cards:  1     # of sets added to:  1     # of sets completed:  0

Stats for the day:

  • Envelopes:  2
  • Total cards:  14
  • Sets added to:  4
  • Sets completed:  2

Total You Complete Me stats:

  • Envelopes: 10
  • Total cards:  100
  • Sets added to:  10
  • Sets completed:  8
As a reminder, you'll soon see my final SportLots package, plus the huge COMC haul, some of which contributed towards my wantlists.  You'll also see the PC stuff that came from that buy.  Also, in just a little bit you'll see my most recent Blowout forums purchase (it's been a while!) since there's no reason to wait on that, tomorrow being a college football/Tigers playoffs day of rest.

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  1. I'd love to see all the '04 Fan Favorites. Out of the 3 years of Fan Favorites, '04 is the one I collected the most and I'm about 15 cards away from the set. It'd be interesting to see the ones I'm missing.