Friday, October 7, 2011

Buying frenzy non-set wantlist purchase #2

As I alluded to several times in the last week, I did end up snagging a single PC card from my biggest pipeline, the Blowout forums.  While I definitely scan them regularly as usual, I've heavily cut down on my purchases there, many so my spending didn't get out of hand, but also because I really haven't seen much I was interested in.

That changed a bit earlier this week when a seller posted a lot in the football forums that included something that looked nice--nice enough to be on my singles wantlist, that is.  When I asked him if he'd part with it by itself, someone else viewing the thread astutely swooped in and made me an offer I couldn't refuse.  A few days later, this

Jason Avant 2006 Playoff Contenders auto RC

was in my mailbox.  I'm definitely a fan of the Sweet Spot Signatures series that the football sets put out each year, and the evidence is in my Michigan PC, which includes such cards of Brandon Graham, Brandon Minor, John Navarre and Marlin Jackson.

Avant has been one of my favorite players to collect despite the fact that he was never a superstar in college and hasn't risen above his possession receiver status in the NFL.  He's just a solid, blue collar player who plays the game the right way, and I'm proud to have him in my PC.  As it turns out, Avant is one of my absolute best player collections when you see some of the stuff I have of him.  I'm now up to 19 of him, and only two of those aren't autographed or a patch.

After jetting to 350 cards in this PC (thanks to the amazing Michigan football acquisition skills of Jeff, he of friend of the blog My Sports Obsession, which is always worth a read, by the way) I now move up only one card, but fear not!  COMC is about to blow your minds.

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  1. I've always liked those mini-helmet auto's, and I've always liked Avant, and I've always liked my blog plugged. I guess I'm trying to say I like this post.

    GO BLUE!!!!