Saturday, January 8, 2011

New group break requestioning

BlowoutCards has another weekend special on 2008 Razor Letterman cases at $300 even.  I would like to make this a go and get one ordered at that price this weekend.  If I don't get enough interest I'll just bust them myself and see what I want to keep/sell, but my question is, what is everyone's interest based on these parameters?:
  • One case, 10 boxes of five, 50 total autograph patches
  • 10 total break slots, including me, so 9 would be available.  I'm not willing to do the break without a minimum of five other participants so if I didn't meet that interest by the day before the scheduled break, I'd just bust them for myself and make whatever I didn't want to keep available for sale/trade (but likely mostly for sale, to try to make up money on the case)
  • $35 shipped per slot (the cards come packaged in thick magnetic holders so packaging/shipping might add up on me; this is still comparable to the price of one box, although you'd have no idea what you were going to pull)
  • Each slot is guaranteed five autographs
  • My thought on the distribution of the hits:  teams don't seem like a good way to go, so I think we should bust all the packs, then draft everything one slot at a time, with draft slots randomized.  I'd go with a snake draft, which means the person who picks last in odd numbered rounds picks first in even numbers
  • Assuming I'm able to order this weekend, this would tentatively be scheduled for next weekend,(Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening or Saturday or Sunday afternoon) with payment for slots due the day before the scheduled break,  That depends on shipping, but I think they'd make it by Friday
  • As before, I'd then allow trading at any point before I package the cards for shipping.  Since this would likely be a shorter break than last time (albeit with a draft included), I think we could do the break, draft and post-break trade-a-thon all in one shot
So what does everyone think?  With the break set up this way, do I have at least five other interested group breakers?  Please leave a comment if you have any interest or questions about the above.  Please see my previous, initial post about this at this here link for some more details about the set.

Update:  I went ahead and ordered the case just to make sure to get it at that price.  Also, I have one person who's in, so how about the rest of you?


  1. I'll jump in, now I gotta figure out how to get any Mets and Yankees that may come out.

  2. I did well at the casino tonight, so I'm in for one slot. Remind me again of your paypal handle.