Sunday, September 4, 2022

2022 trade package #20: Collector's Crack

The next couple trade packages you'll see came courtesy of a couple longtime blogger friends but with a bigtime assist thanks to TCDB.

The deal you'll see tonight was my first with Mark, a.k.a. CynicalBuddha, of Collector's Crack, since July of 2019. Obviously it had been far too long since we sent cards back and forth from Alaska and Michigan, so I was glad to see we had so many trade matches for each other. That made figuring out a deal a breeze, and then we even managed to make it a bit bigger by adding on some hits.

Everything went smoothly and I added the following items to my collection:
I don't know if they'll ever all be healthy at once, or all on the Tigers even if that works out, but for now I'm still enjoying collecting stuff of three of the team's best young pitchers. Right now Mize leads the trio in my collection with 45 cards (some of which I believe I'll be showing off in future TCDB roundups), with Manning second at 16, and Skubal #3 with 14.
Over here we have some Tigers and other PCs. The Miggy cards were fun throw-ins for me, and I'll continue to add nice Cochrane cards to his PC whenever I can get them, Tigers uniform or no. Remember when Kirk Gibson was managing the D-Backs?

Gwynn is a major PC for me and the three items here all looked great to me--a throwback to his college days, a colorful Diamond Kings insert, and another throwback to Topps' Doubleheaders product. The latter is in a much easier to manage format than the original's flimsy paper stored in a plastic stand, but other than that the concept is pretty much the same: one side is a reprint of the player's RC and the other is their card from that year (or in the case of the '21 insert, their final Topps card):
I'm always glad to see Jack Morris in a Tigers uni in newer products because despite his greatness with Detroit he's often lauded for his performances with the Twins and Blue Jays. And why not keep adding to my collection-leading PC of Ripken?
Three many Verlanders comprise half of this final scan, and while I was glad to add a new Tigers card thanks to the 2012 A&G insert, my favorite is the Stadium Club Chrome from a couple years ago as that brand looks so sharp.

On the relics side of things I scored a double of a Bowman Heritage bat of Magglio (I somehow missed that I already had it, but that's cool, I made it available back on TCDB) and a new similar card from 2005 Donruss Champions (one of his two appearances in the set). Mark also came up with a new JV relic for me out of 2013 GQ, my 32nd hit of his, 19 of them being relics like this one.

Mark, thanks again for a great trade! I was happy to be able to run it back after we let three years go by.

For those of you reading this who aren't familiar with Mark, please go check him out on TCDB under his cynicalbuddha account, add him as a friend, and get trading with him. I can promise you an easy deal where both sides are happy just like this one!

Still to come: another old blogging pal and I work out a pretty large deal on the site....


  1. I don't know if it's because I'm so out of touch with everything, or because time is passing so quickly, or if it's a combination of both, but I was reading this post and thinking that I never hear Magglio's name mentioned anymore. I then go to Google to see what kind of numbers he's putting up these days, only to find out that he's been retired for 11 years now!!!

    1. So of course I knew he'd retired since he played his final season with the Tigers. But I couldn't have told you it was as many as 11 years ago, wow! For quite a while with the way his career was going it's kind of a surprise that he appeared in only 15 seasons, and not even 1900 games. At least he gave us a few great years in Detroit, and one gigantic clutch hit too!