Monday, August 29, 2022

2022 trade package #19: Night Owl

Here we have just my third post in August, and one I should have gotten to much sooner to thank the nice person responsible for sending me a great trade package. I just get easily distracted by other card stuff and usually leave blogging low on the old priority list. But on this stormy late summer evening it's about time I got around to this.

A few weeks back Greg/Night Owl posted the results of a couple Topps breaks he did including the 2021 Chrome Platinum Anniversary product that came out earlier this year. I asked if he'd set aside a card for me and he was generous enough to do so, then I sent him a few things off his wantlist for that. Well that's what I thought anyway because there was much more than just a cool recent Tigers need:
When you think of Night Owl, if one of the first words you associate with him isn't "vintage" (the other for me would be "Dodgers"), you probably don't follow him, which you totally should. The top three cards here are evidence of that, and I really appreciate Greg helping me with my pre-80s collections as they're quite sparse. Bare ('77 Topps) was only a Tiger for two of his five MLB seasons, 1976-77, the final of his career, and Sutherland (NO's beloved '75 Topps) played three of 13 seasons in Motown, but they were definitely needs for me. So was Johnny Podres' '67 Topps base. Another guy I associate with the Dodgers (he did appear in 13 of 15 MLB campaigns and win four rings and the '55 Series MVP with Brooklyn/LA), he's the biggest name of the trio, traded to Detroit in '66 and staying there through the following season before a sunset year in '69 with his almost-namesakes the Padres. All three of these are nice vintage additions and I thank Greg for them!

Everything else is much more modern and that's great too. I immediately offered the '22 Home Run Challenge code to Paul even though Baez is a surprising longshot to hit anything out of the park, much less in play, this season. Lugo's golden even if his absence is a reminder of another garbage trade by the franchise. Morris's Prizm Refractor is the card that started this deal as I loved the look of the classic old photo of Jack on the even more classic and iconic Topps design. Being a variation on a Refractor sure didn't hurt either. Turnbull is a more recent Tiger and also threw a no-hitter before being lost to injury and then losing his brain to whatever made him think to celebrate the repeal of Roe v. Wade.

And lastly we have the surprise of the package, a number medallion manurelic from this year's Topps. Ever since I stopped buying boxes I haven't cared that these have sometimes replaced more traditional "hits" and I even enjoy some of their designs. Jersey numbers are a big thing in sports so this was a natural idea for such a card, and I'm happy to have Miggy's 24. It's a number worn by such icons as Willie Mays, Rickey Henderson, and Ken Griffey Jr., and before we all know it he'll join them in Cooperstown. When that happens I'll own at least two manurelic cards, both representing his time with the Tigers. Very cool.

Greg, thank you sincerely again for not only setting aside that cool Jack Morris for me, but also adding on some nice vintage and other Tigers here. I'll make sure to return the favor with some more vintage, Dodgers, vintage Dodgers, or other wants of yours as soon as I can!

The couple times I get off my butt to post you should be seeing trade packages from a couple blogger buddies that were facilitated through TCDB, but will be getting regular trade package coverage because that's how I do things. Watch for those soon-ish!


  1. I was very pleased to find some vintage for you and glad I saved that Cabrera manurelic! .... As often happens, collectors of the same team came calling all at once. I was lucky to get those Tigers to you before they all disappeared!

  2. I've seen some people refer to it as plain, but I really like the Podres card. I think I even have two copies of it now.

    1. I probably wouldn't like it if they all looked like that one, but I agree it's a solid card for sure. Excellent player too!