Tuesday, June 21, 2022

TCDB trade roundup: NINE TIMES

I hope you're all not getting sick of these posts since I've put up so many of them recently but it's been nice to get the cards shown off and put away. Though I have a few more deals pending and/or on the way, I thought I'd finish up what was left on my desk since all of them were much smaller, mostly one scan (and in a few cases only one or two cards). How often tonight will you be looking at one of the many deals I made there?
Nine times. Let's get to it!

First up is a quick PIF (pay it forward) from probably the hardest working guy on the site, Dan (vrooomed). We've traded and done some blind sending back and forth a bit but in this case he sent me a message asking me if I had either of the two cards below. I didn't, so he told me they were mine:
These two inserts provide a potential look at the future of the franchise. Greene of course instantly inspired the offense the past two games, both of which were wins, and I'm excited to see what he can do now that he's presumably healthy. Manning is still on the IL but hopefully won't suffer the same fate (TJ surgery) as fellow prospect Casey Mize. Short (who looks extra tell thanks to the design there) has shown plenty of pop at AAA but very little hitting ability at the highest level so far. Detroit selected  Oklahoma HS pitcher Jobe #3 overall last year, though I'm still salty they didn't go after a much-needed bat, such as highly regarded SS Marcelo Meyer. Madden was the Tigers' other first rounder last year at #32 overall, and he pitched for Texas, so at least he's a college guy.

Many thanks to Dan for thinking of me and sending a couple Tigers cards my way!

Next, a member from Georgia with the handle tightmugg proposed a deal with me where he wanted Topps Finest base of Bonds and Vlad Guerrero (Sr.) from 1995 and 2003, respectively. I don't recall what he originally offered but I countered and asked for the below card and the deal was on:
This here is Griffey Jr.'s entry in 2020 Bowman's Best's 2000 Franchise Favorites insert. I have Ripken's cards from the original set so I remember well what this insert looked like 22 (!) years ago. Score one for nostalgia and not-quite-90s inserts. I like the throwback here and deals like these have helped me get my Griffey PC to 1000, even if it's one at a time.

This was a super easy deal and I'd be happy to trade with tightmugg again anytime.

Another single card is next, this time from a one-for-one deal. A member who calls himself Genokz put together a transaction centered around a Noah Fant relic card I'd grabbed at a show for a buck or two. The Seahawks collector wanted a card or the new TE for his team, and in return I got to pick from a few items that interested me. I opted for the auto that drew my attention the most:
What you see here is a 2019 Playoff Rookies Autographs Red Zone auto of former Michigan DL Chase Winovich, who seems to sign his nickname "Wino" on pretty much all of his autographs. A beast in college who could disrupt games somewhat like Aiden Hutchinson, he had a pair of good seasons to start his NFL career before not accomplishing much last year, mainly due to injury. He's since been traded to the Browns so we'll see what 2022 holds for him. Though I have a few cards of him this is my first hit of the third-rounder, making him member #231 of the football hits collection.

This was a simple one-card-per-side deal that went off without any hitches so I may be trading with him again, especially if I come up with more Seahawks he can use.

I opened up this post with a PIF and now I have a second one I get to show off as well. jasongerman9 is another of the IR-solvin' folks I talk to on the regular and he's been great to work with there, plus he's a fellow Michigander to boot! Jason surprised me with a fun eight-card PWE including a bit of baseball and even more UM Football stuff:
While Gwynn's one of my more well-known PCs and listed among my favorites on the site, I give Jason credit for catching that I collect former Michigan Baseballer Brian Simmons. The minor league issue you see above is my 25th of the former White Sox prospect, and he has just 45 to his name on the site so I'm doing quite well on that front (nobody else is even in double digits). Meanwhile, the football stuff went hard on the WR position (the first three cards) and defense (two of Kwity Paye, one of Woodson). I was happy to see that three of these were Michigan uniform cards too!

I made sure to thank Jason not long after those arrived and then I showed my appreciation more recently by sending him a huge box of stuff from his wantlists, much of which was Reds cards I happily pulled from my boxes of cards from the Facebook purchase. Who knows, maybe we'll do an actual formal transaction at some point, but either way this was fun.

Next I have a nice little PWE deal with New Jersey resident alanskontra. He wanted a pair of my '88 Pacific Legends dupes and three from '96 Flair. While I can't recall exactly what he originally offered, I ended up with this oddball-ish group of '84 Tigers:
Sparky's from '78 SSPC and had just one year left of being on cards as manager of the Reds. Morris is from '90 OPC. The two stickers of Evans and Morris were throw-ins he generously included after I believe I removed them from his original offer (I have them on my wantlist but they're very, very low on my list of priorities).

The real stars here, though, are those two Gibby items. On the left is a 1987 General Mills Booklet and to its right is another food issue from 1986 Burger King All-Pro Series.

The General Mills booklet, which I removed from its wrapper, was printed on some fairly flimsy paper, which isn't a surprise since it had to be folded so much and could have gotten thick very quickly. Size-wise it goes for 3 3/4" x 12 1/2", meaning it was tough to get it to sit flat on my scanner, so the images I got aren't great, but they do clearly show all 10 players:
Mattingly, Clemens, Boggs, and Yount are heady company for Kirk up front.
Rickey, Pat Tabler (ehhhh, worst player in the bunch but not terrible around then), Winfield, Morris, and Murray comprise the back. Old-school airbrushing makes for some rough lids but otherwise this would have been a cool item to pull out of a cereal box back then.
I also undid the Burger King panel to get a full view of it. Besides a couple decent coupons you got a pair of cards that could be separated thanks to perforation. I like Gibby getting paired up with Murray, whose Orioles won it all a year before the Tigers roared in '84.
I had to carefully separate those little tabs you see on the left in order to open up the panel, and I'd say I did a reasonable job of it since really only the coupon suffered a bit of tearing.

These were some very cool items to get and I'm glad we were able to trade. Though his tradelist is relatively small (I'm one to talk) I know he's got some other fun oddball stuff, so go check him out!

Our next trade was an eight-for-six deal where I gave up a few Finest cards, a Ripken, and a Bagwell insert to Texan Orry04. Besides Rich Hill's 2022 Topps Heritage card (which I already showed off in a trade package from Doug) I scored this quintet:
Cronenworth's name has popped up quite a bit in this series and I'm quite pleased with just how many cards of his I added. I'm up to 43, with almost 75% of those being from 2021 and '22 products after having only his 2015 Bowman Draft/Chrome cards to chase until he blew up. The cards you see here are from 2021 Absolute, Contenders, and A&G, and 2022 Topps Opening Day. To those I added Mr. Tiger's 2021 Topps Archives base. The "140" on that card threw me for a minute because Topps isn't that old, but then I realized it says "years of baseball" underneath. It's got a great shot of the HOFer and brings me a little closer to the 200-card mark.

Orry04's another member who makes great use of the site as he's now closing in on 700 deals! Help him get there if you feel like you're up to a trade.

The next deal is one I was excited about because 90s inserts rule! And some more recent ones aren't half bad either. Bigtime Royals collector DyeHardFan, a.k.a. Ian, had his eyes on some of my Kansas City cards, including a pair of 90s inserts and a couple hits I wouldn't miss. The dozen cards I got sent my way are quite nice:
Former Wolverines Blomgren and Criswell look great side-by-side on their 2020 Elite Extra Edition cards, with the latter being the 203rd Decade Die-Cut version. Granderson (2006) and Phillips (1987) are from 2017 Topps' Rediscover Topps buyback set. The card I'm most excited about here is a Griffey/Bonds '95 Sportflix Double Take insert, with a design that epitomizes the decade of fun that was the 90s. Larkin's '96 Topps Power Boosters inset is from a time where Topps started to get with the program a bit of including inserts that weren't extremely dull in their flagship product. Maddux's card here is my fifth from '96 UD's Diamond Destiny insert that included a translucent inset image of the player, another cool '90s look. A rare addition to my Clayton Richard PC is his 2018 GQ Missing Black Plate card, which is hard enough to discern by a quick eye test that I just roll my eyes at the idea. And our last vertical baseball item is Cal's '97 Topps Chrome base. While the OG '96 product was excellent, the '97 flagship product is one of my all-time favorites, and it's partially thanks to photos like these that look even better in Chrome form (especially when they're Refractor-ized!).
How about one last #CroneZone item for the young Padre who's been heating up lately? That's his 2021 Stadium Club Chrome RC. And then back to 90s inserts that rule, in this case '96 Ultra's Prime Leather, starring two of my favorite PC guys. And last up is a single football item from way back when Donruss/Leaf/Playoff kicked all kinds of ass with brands like Elite and their shiny college uni RCs? This numbered first-year of speedy WR/returner Breaston is the 21st of 25 I'm chasing and is right up my alley design-wise.

Many thanks to Ian for an excellent trade that brought some quality items to my collection, and I hope we can do it again soon!

Next is a fun PWE deal I did with JBozovsky (Jeff), who hails from North Dakota. I sent him a mix of junk wax RCs, Mark Grace, Ryne Sandberg, and Manny Ramirez cards, and got the following 11 items back:
Abbott got paired up with Tom Glavine on the back of his '93 Leaf Gold Leaf Stars insert, great company indeed. My Darrell Evans collection (90 cards strong now) got a nice boost with five new cards--one from way back in '72 and the others from the early 80s. The best looking card is probably a '99 Topps Chrome Fortune 15 of Glavine's HOF teammate Maddux. Ripken's item here is an '88 Score Wax Box Card, an oddball that's always fun to collect. My Simba collection grew by one with his '78 Topps base in which he's posing with most of his catcher's gear.
The other two items include a Lou Whitaker from 1989 Baseball Card Magazine, which was producing replicas of '59 Topps, and a '93 Donruss Spirit of the Game insert with Big Daddy up front. I would have happily grabbed it to add to my Fielder collection but better yet it'll go to another PC thanks to the back:
Rob Deer! Just kidding, it's Mickey Tettleton. Fielder hit 35 bombs in '92 while Deer and Froot Loops each socked 32, hence the title on the back of the card. I wonder if this year's Tigers will reach the 99 mark as they sit at a league worst 35 right now. Anyway, this is a super cool double-sided card that hits two of my Tigers PCs, and it's another example of "90s inserts rule."

Jeff's at 100% positive feedback with over 100 completed trades so it's no surprise that my experience with him was just as great.

Last up today is the second trade I've done with Galtview (Randy) who's in nearby-ish Ontario. Randy asked for a pair of '96 Bowman base and five more from '96 Flair (all Blue Jays) and I believe I recall him offering me some baseball stuff in return. But instead I decided to switch things up and ask for all hockey cards
I ended up with 10 cards of three former Wolverine icers, most fromm Upper Deck/Tim Horton's collabs. Hughes was electric in Ann Arbor and has been quite good for Vancouver since his first full season in 2019-20. Dylan is the other former Michigan Larkin in red that you get to see today and his four Wings cards look terrific, especially that Red Die Cut from '19-'20. They're all super shiny and there's not a bad one in the bunch, though. And lastly, Hobey Baker winner and National Champ Brendan Morrison gets three new items, moving him up to 98 cards, meaning he's about to join fellow champ Marty Turco in the 100 club soon enough.

It was great trading with Randy again and I'm glad to have had a string of good experiences doing PWEs with some Canadian traders that have me more confident about continuing to do so.

As I mentioned earlier I have some other deals in the works or in the mail but you can consider this post the end of a series where I recapped a whole bunch of TCDB deals from earlier this year to earlier this month. Thanks for checking them out and I hope these posts have inspired some of you to try to trade on the site!

As for me I would expect my next couple posts to cover a blogger trade package and an eBay pickup, and then we'll see what else shows up.


  1. Nice to see those booklets in all of their glory; I've only ever seen the perforated singles.

    1. I hadn't seen them at all so I was glad to open them up and see the whole thing in each case!

  2. A 99¢ BK Croissan'wich sounds hella good right now.

    1. I can't agree with you there but I could go for a burger!

  3. Nice assortment! Always amazes me the type of cards you can trade for on TCDB.

    1. Thanks! And me too, just a crazy variety sometimes.