Saturday, May 27, 2017

2017 trade package #14: the Card Papoy

The Card Papoy creator Kevin is responsible for a fun first in the roughly six-and-a-half year lifetime of this here blog:  the first cards I've received from a trader outside of North America.  Kevin, of course, hails from France, and yet he was nice enough to send an envelope something like 4000 miles (or 6400+ km!) across the Atlantic.  I haven't sent cards directly his way, having opted to mooch off of Matt's generosity and include stuff in one of his mailings, an arrangement I hope I can continue.

Anyway, I'm thinking he's a French representative for NATO--the National Awesome Trader Organization.  Let's see what mon ami sent over to the √Čtats Unis:
Card #1 is a 2016 Topps Opening Day Blue Foil parallel of 3B Nicholas Castellanos.  As everyone knows, blue foil is best foil!  Topps did well to make this a horizontal card but zoomed in too much on the player.  Still, it's a fun addition to my growing pile of Castellanos, a guy I hope gets it in gear to build on his solid campaign from last year.  And it's blue!
And a relic, too!  And a nice one at that of the guy with heterochromatic eyes, former Tigers ace Max Scherzer.  This one comes from 2015 Topps Museum Collection and is a quad jersey relic numbered 91/99.  If you're gonna keep making relics, do them like this, folks (especially the ones that come with swatches of different colors).  My only criticism is the way the design cuts out most of the image of Max's hand and the ball, and I'm not sure why they didn't scoot him over to the right a bit.  Anyway, this is a great new card for me of Scherzer, who went an excellent 82-35 with almost 1100 Ks and the 2013 Cy Young Award in his five seasons in Motown.  I'll happily keep this card with the five other hits of his I own in my Tigers collection!

Kevin, merci once again for being so generous as to send a great pair of cards directly to me.  I promise to return the favor (albeit probably through Matt) as soon as I can!

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  1. you're very welcome, I'm happy I finally sent out some cards (albeit only a couple) your way !