Friday, December 9, 2016

2016 trade package #20: stealing some Tigers from ATBATT

Just a few days less than a year ago I was one of the lucky recipients of an Operation PWE package from Stealing Home of All Trade Bait All the Time.  That kind of generosity is one reason I've gotten into the spirit of doing Christmas cards myself this time of year.  I really enjoy shopping for some of you, or even just digging up stuff I think you'll like from my mountains of cards.

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Speaking of that, I've still got a TON of lots left in my giveaway/tradeapalooza.  Although I'm excited about the turnout so far, that's not gonna keep me from pimping the hell out of it until I get more people to take things off my hands!  If you see something you like, don't be afraid to claim it--assuming I ask you for a trade, I won't be asking for the moon.  Grab yourself a free early Christmas gift this year!

As he did last year, SH stuffed the PWE with Tigers, and once again he even managed to limit it to the ones I actively collect.  That's much appreciated at a time when I'm trying to pare things down again, so good eye, my friend.

Here's what I got:
This here is Detroit's team card from 2016 flagship Series I.  I think the photo comes from a game on September 19, 2015, that Ian Kinsler won on an extra-innings walk off homer, though my google fu isn't as strong as others'.  It's fun to see former SS Omar Vizquel on the field every night for the Tigers, if only as a coach!
Here's a pair of very nice Travis Fryman cards from the latter days of the 90s.  The first comes from Topps' debut run of Gallery in 1996 and looks amazing.  Remember when Topps didn't suck?  That card certainly jogs my memory.  And the '97 UD set is one I've always appreciated thanks to its typically excellent design and the captions that explain the significance of each photo.  Spring training homers, anyone?
SH hit my Gibby collection with this pair from the mid-90s when Kirk was back in Detroit.  The first card is from Fleer's second iteration of its higher-end Flair product while the second is from Donruss' 1995 offering, which continued the manufacturer's trend of going in the right direction after the base set sat near a low point in 1993.
Everybody else in the post today is from the 80s/90s except for Mr. Tiger here.  This Heritage insert from 2012 highlights a game against Boston on June 10 of '63 when Al hit his 200th and 201st homers in a Detroit win.  He'd hit 198 more from that point on.
And alphabetically and double-play-ably, we'll end the post with the Trammell/Whitaker combo up-the-middle.  Tram joins Gibby above as the subject of a mid-90s Flair issue, though his hails from the fancier and shinier '95 set, which I'm happy to see scanned quite nicely.  SH then honored the double play duo by pairing up their base cards from 1995 Stadium Club.  It actually looks like they're calling for the ball on the same play:

Trammell:  I got it!
Whitaker:  I got it!
Trammell:  Why don't we just let it drop so we can turn another double play?
Whitaker:  Deal!
Trammell and Whitaker turn another double play, an eagle flies across the stadium as the stars in the sky form into the American Flag and Kirk Gibson runs around the stands giving 10 high fives to everybody.

And scene.

Thanks for another Christmas PWE, Mr. Home, and I can happily report that I'll once again be returning the favor!

Stay tuned for more trade package goodness plus my haul from last Saturday's show.  Oh, and if I didn't mention it, GRAB SOME STUFF FROM MY GIVEAWAY!


  1. I'm glad they arrived quickly and were able to squeeze into the small spaces left in your pared down collection.
    As for your giveaway/tradeapalooza, I'd like to request a couple of those old MLB waxpacks (not really interested in NHL or NBA). Those should be fun to open.

    1. Thanks again!

      Regarding the packs, just to be clear those are empty packs I flattened and kept in an album for a bit. Still want them?

    2. Oops...I thought they were unopened. No thanks, better to send those to a wrappers collector :)

    3. No worries! If you claim one or more lots, though, I am randomly throwing in some unopened packs (and TTM/IP autos)