Tuesday, December 6, 2016

TMV's 2016 Christmas cards giveaway and tradeapalooza!

After putting this off for way too long, I'm finally ready to present the fruits of my spring summer fall whatever cleaning that I'd hoped to get done last year.  The good news is that my timing allows me to be a not-so-secret Santa (and a nicer one than the robot version above) to many of you!

Here's the deal:  I've got a whole bunch of stuff I want to get rid of, pictured and listed below in lots.  Some of those are free for the taking while others are large enough that I may demand a trade or assistance paying for shipping.  Depending on what you pick and what packaging looks like, I'll discuss that with each person and try to come to a fair arrangement.

As an added wrinkle, I've also done a bit of COMChristmas shopping for a number of you on my good traders list, so anything you pick here will get added to that haul.  Lots of you will be getting at least a few cards from me even if you don't grab anything here (but I still hope you do--I want as much of this gone as possible!).

I'll try to keep it to a few simple rules:

1.  Who's eligible:  given the number of packages I'll be sending out, I want to limit spending on shipping where I can, so with the exception of Doug, I won't be sending cards outside of the U.S.  Other than that, I'm happy sending items to familiar addresses or new ones.  All new respectable trade partners are welcome!
2.  I'm not going to limit the number of items anyone can grab, but keep in mind, if you ask for a lot, I'm gonna want help paying for shipping!
3.  One number per lot, so if a photo has one number, that's the whole lot!
4.  I'll likely be more lenient on the trade/shipping rules when it comes to folks I've traded with, and whether or not I'm already planning on sending you larger items.  As I said, we'll discuss that when it comes to it.
5.  I'm planning on running this through Sunday, December 18 to try to give myself enough time to package stuff up and get it out to you guys before Christmas (likely a bit earlier for you, Doug!).  That's not to say that I have to wait until then to ship your items, though, if you decide you're all set.

Hopefully things going smoothly enough that I don't have to add more rules than that.

Another fun wrinkle:  I've got some stuff I'll randomly throw into these packages--see "the bonus freebies" below.

Please have a look at all the lots and contact me via comments or email (caljr3000 at gmail) letting me know which lot number(s) you want.  Make sure I have a way to reach you via email as I'm not gonna hunt people down.  I'll then note your selection(s) in a Google Sheet which is embedded at the very bottom of this post.  Besides keeping that up-to-date, I'll try to note within the body of the post which items are chosen (or at least pending) to make browsing easier.

Other than that, please let me know if you have questions about any of the items or how this thing works.  I look forward to getting rid of unwanted stuff, getting it into hands that want it, and spreading some holiday cheer!

The bonus freebies:
I'll be randomly inserting unopened baseball packs (mostly retail) and TTM/IP autographs from the bunch you see below.

Giveaway lots:
Everything in this category is free, free, free!  That means that for the most part I don't expect to have to pay through the nose to ship a given item, even if someone claims a few of them.

Baseball teams and more:
Base, inserts, and maybe more of some of your favorite MLB teams, and a couple other themed lots.  Not all teams are available because they're already heading to folks I trade with in current trade packages.
1. Baltimore Orioles team lot
2. Cleveland Indians team lot
3. Detroit Tigers team lot
4. KC Royals team lot
5. Miami/Florida Marlins team lot
6. Minnesota Twins team lot
7. NY Yankees team lot
8. SF Giants team lot
9. Seattle Mariners team lot
10. Tampa Bay Rays team lot
11. Washington/Montreal team lot claimed
12. Misc. MLB inserts and oddball pending
13. MLB stickers and holograms
14. Ted Williams (brand) cards and inserts pending
15. Minor league cards and MLB RCs (from major manufacturers, e.g. Topps, Donruss) claimed
    Basketball players and more:
    These are mostly broken up by player and range from 15ish-30ish cards (I don't feel like counting)!  Two lots combine two or more players, one is inserts of players not listed, and the last group has a bit of vintage, some Pistons, and other miscellany.
    16. Ray Allen player lot
    17. Charles Barkley player lot
    18. Tim Duncan player lot
    19. Patrick Ewing player lot claimed
    20. Kevin Garnett player lot
    21. Grant Hill player lot
    22. Jason Kidd player lot claimed
    23. Karl Malone player lot
    24. Reggie Miller player lot
    25. Shaq O'Neal player lot
    26. Gary Payton player lot
    27. David Robinson player lot
    28. Dennis Rodman player lot
    29. John Stockton player lot claimed
    30. Elton Brand/Steve Francis/Allen Iverson/Rick Nash/Dirk Nowitzki player lot
    31. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson player lot
    32. Misc. NBA inserts claimed
    33. NBA grab bag claimed

    Football teams and more:
    Pretty much the same thing as the baseball lots.  There's some pretty decent inserts and RCs in some of these, which I tried to throw on top.  One group is just players in college unis while the last four include base (or base and inserts) from recent products (possibly with some dupes included).

    34. Arizona Cardinals team lot claimed
    35. Atlanta Falcons team lot
    36. Baltimore Ravens team lot
    37. Chicago Bears team lot Claimed
    38. Dallas Cowboys team lot
    39. Houston Texans team lot
    40. Indianapolis Colts team lot claimed
    41. Jacksonville Jaguars team lot
    42. KC Chiefs team lot
    43. Miami Dolphins team lot
    44. Minnesota Twins team lot
    45. New Orleans Saints team lot
    46. NY Giants team lot Claimed
    47. NY Jets team lot
    48. San Diego Chargers team lot
    49. St. Louis Rams team lot
    50. Tampa Bay Bucs team lot
    51. Tennessee Titans team lot
    52. College unis lot claimed
    53. 2015 Panini Contenders
    54. 2015 Score + inserts claimed
    55. 2015 Upper Deck
    56. 2016 Score + inserts

    Hockey, SI For Kids, and Olympics:
    The last of my hockey base and inserts I didn't want (including some Gretzkys), a nice pile of SI For Kids cards in various states of disrepair, having been torn from their sheets, and a bunch of Olympics-related cards, mostly parallels from 2014 Topps Olympics.

    57. NHL misc. lot
    58. SI For Kids (detatched) lot claimed
    59. 2014 Topps Olympic inserts + other Olympics cards claimed

    Oddball stuff:
    Reminder:  one item number means the whole photo is one lot (schedules, coins, wax packs), so the boxes can be chose individually.  Those boxes are still intact, if not exactly mint, and I can send them flattened as much as possible or just cut the bottom panels off for you.
    60. Schedules (MLB, NHL, and others) including magnets
    61. MLB and Olympic coins claimed

    62. Wax packs (MLB, NBA, NHL)

    63. 2006 Topps box bottom (Ozzie Guillen/Andruw Jones/Connor Jackson/Derrek Lee) claimed
    64. 2004 Topps box bottom (Mark Prior/Rocco Baldelli/Hank Blalock/Adam Dunn) claimed
    65. 2004 Topps box bottom (Jose Reyes/Pat Burrell/Miguel Cabrera/Magglio Ordonez) claimed

    Trade lots:
    These items are generally large enough that if I include them I'll want a promise of a return trade or help with shipping.  Once everything is divided up, I'll work with everyone individually.  If I already have a large enough trade package put together for you, you may be exempt from this requirement.  Just keep all that in mind before you ask me to ship you 20 unopened Starting Lineups, pal.

    Larger oddball stuff:
    All of the tins and cans you see below are opened; cans may have been opened at the top or bottom (but not both!).  All are empty except for the Topps Screenplays.

    66. Juan Gonzalez/Mark McGwire 1998 Donruss Preferred tin claimed
    67. Alex Rodriguez 1997 Donruss Preferred tin
    68. Karim Abdul-Jabbar 1997 Donruss Preferred tin
    69. Warrick Dunn 1997 Donruss Preferred tin
    70. Troy Aikman/Kerry Collins 1997 Donruss Preferred tin

    71. Chipper Jones 1997 Pinnacle Inside opened can
    72. Barry Bonds 1997 Pinnacle Inside opened can
    73. Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1998 Pinnacle Inside opened can (#1)
    74. Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1998 Pinnacle Inside opened can (#2)
    75. Nomar Garciaparra 1998 Pinnacle Inside opened can (#1)
    76. Nomar Garciaparra 1998 Pinnacle Inside opened can (#2)
    77. Ben Grieve 1998 Pinnacle Inside opened can
    78. Larry Walker 1998 Pinnacle Inside opened can
    79. Alex Rodriguez 1998 Pinnacle Inside opened can
    80. Mark McGwire 1998 Pinnacle Inside opened can claimed
    81. Mike Piazza 1998 Pinnacle Inside opened can
    82. Juan Gonzalez 1998 Pinnacle Inside opened can
    83. Arizon Diamondbacks 1998 Pinnacle Inside opened can
    84. Scott Rolen 1998 Pinnacle Inside opened can
    85. Steve Young 1997 Pinnacle Inside opened can
    86. Dan Marino 1997 Pinnacle Inside Gold opened can
    87. Saku Koivu 1997-98 Pinnacle Inside opened can
    88. Eric Lindros 1997-98 Pinnacle Inside opened can
    89. John LeClair 1997-98 Pinnacle Inside opened can
    90. Teemu Selanne 1997-98 Pinnacle Inside opened can
    91. Mats Sundin 1997-98 Pinnacle Inside opened can claimed
    92. Brett Hull 1997-98 Pinnacle Inside opened can
    93. Curtis Joseph 1997-98 Pinnacle Inside opened can
    94. Pavel Bure 1997-98 Pinnacle Inside opened can

    95. 2005 Topps NFL opened tin
    96. Chipper Jones 1997 Topps Screenplays (card and tin)
    97. Nomar Garciaparra 1997 Topps Screenplays (card and tin) (#1)
    98. Nomar Garciaparra 1997 Topps Screenplays (card and tin) (#2) (same thing, just shown closed)

    Starting Lineups (opened):
    These figures have all been opened for quite a while, a couple for more than 25 years, and have been stored in boxes at times, so I won't pretend to call them mint.  I'll do my best to ship them so they're protected (and haven't had issues doing so before).

    99. Ryne Sandberg/Vince Coleman 1989 Startine Lineup (opened, no card(s))
    100. Jim Thome 1998 Starting Lineup (opened, no card(s))
    101. Dale Murphy 1988 Starting Lineup (opened, no card(s)) Claimed
    102. Damon Berryhill 1989 Starting Lineup (opened, no card(s))
    103. Jose Canseco 1991 Starting Lineup (opened, no card(s))
    104. Mo Vaughn 1998 Starting Lineup (opened, no card(s)) Claimed

    Starting Lineups (unopened):
    All of these are in their original packaging and include one or more cards.  Keep in mind that shipping more than a few may get expensive, so you may want to opt to have me open them up before I send them to you.  If I do so, I'll make sure they're still well-protected and will include any related card(s) in toploaders.  Most of these have been in boxes as well so the packaging may be dinged, bent, or more, and plenty of them still have price tags or their remnants hanging around.

    105. Mike Mussina 1994 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    106. Whitey Ford 1995 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    107. Grover Cleveland Alexander 1996 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    108. Carlos Baerga 1996 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    109. Rafael Palmeiro 1996 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    110. David Justice 1996 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    111. Moises Alou 1998 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    112. Rafael Palmeiro 1998 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    113. Mike Piazza 1998 Starting Lineup (unopened) claimed
    114. Alex Rodriguez 1998 Starting Lineup (unopened)

    115. Yogi Berra 1998 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    116. Lou Brock 1998 Starting Lineup (unopened) claimed
    117. Buck Leonard 1998 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    118. Phil Niekro 1998 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    119. Tris Speaker 1998 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    120. Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa 1998 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    121. Thurman Munson/Yogi Berra 1998 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    122. Reggie Jackson/Catfish Hunter 1998 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    123. Juan Marichal 1999 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    124. Pepper Davis 1999 Starting Lineup (unopened) Claimed
    125. Nomar Garciaparra 1999 Starting Lineup (unopened) pending
    126. Christy Mathewson 2000 Starting Lineup (unopened)

    127. Jose Canseco 2000 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    128. Roger Cedeno 2000 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    129. Derek Jeter 2000 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    130. Pedro Martinez 2000 Starting Lineup (unopened) pending
    131. Kevin Millwood 2000 Starting Lineup (unopened)
    132. Alex Rodriguez 2000 Starting Lineup (unopened)

    133. Jeff Bagwell 2001 Starting Lineup 2 (unopened)
    134. Nomar Garciaparra 2001 Starting Lineup 2 (unopened) pending
    135. Jason Giambi 2001 Starting Lineup 2 (unopened)
    136. Willie McCovey 2001 Starting Lineup 2 (unopened)
    137. Ivan Rodriguez 2001 Starting Lineup 2 (unopened)

    Other figures:
    A few notes:  the team USA pack is pretty large, though it should fit fine in a large flat rate box.  The Hart bobblehead is something I'm not looking to dump, but if anyone can offer something specific in trade, I'm willing to part with it.

    138. Carter/Kidd/Houston/Duncan/Garnett 2000 Starting Lineup Team USA (unopened)
    139. Hank Aaron 1999 Just Minors Just Figures (unopened)
    140. Corey Hart 2013 Milwaukee Brewers bobblehead (opened, with box) claimed
    141. Ken Griffey Jr. 1999 Topps Action Flats (unopened) Claimed
    142. Mark McGwire 1999 Topps Action Flats (unopened) (#1) pending
    143. Mark McGwire 1999 Topps Action Flats (unopened) (#2)
    144. Sammy Sosa 1999 Topps Action Flats (unopened)

    More oversized oddballness:
    145. Grant Hill plaque and card
    146. Calvin Johnson card and jersey

    147. SI For Kids:  Passers and Receivers (1999)
    148. Pro Football Megastars 1997
    149. Boston Red Sox oversized lot (Pinnacle snapshots and Topps/Stadium Club/Fleer oversized cards) Claimed
    150. Houston Astros oversized lot (fan pack photos, Donruss and Fleer oversized cards, bumper sticker)
    151. NBA oversized lot claimed

    152. NHL oversized lot (mostly torn Zenith 97-98 5x7s.  Sorry lots of heads are missing!)

    Studio and Zenith 8x10s (and more!):
    Everything here is an 8x10.  I'm hoping some of you select a few of these as I'd rather not have to send envelopes big enough to hold these to 50 different people with just one in each!
    153. Jeff Bagwell 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    154. Mark McGwire 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    155. Barry Bonds 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    156. Mark McGwire 1998 Studio Portrait 8x10 claimed
    157. Tino Martinez 1998 Studio Portrait 8x10 (#1)
    158. Tino Martinez 1998 Studio Portrait 8x10 (#2)
    159. Tony Clark 1998 Studio Portrait 8x10
    160. Paul Molitor 1998 Studio Portrait 8x10
    161. Barry Larkin 1998 Studio Portrait 8x10
    162. Chipper Jones 1997 Zenith 8x10
    163. Barry Bonds 1997 Zenith Dufex 8x10 claimed
    164. Sammy Sosa 1997 Zenith Dufex 8x10
    165. Ken Caminiti 1997 Zenith Dufex 8x10 claimed
    166. Troy Aikman 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    167. Drew Bledsoe 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10 Claimed
    168. Mark Brunell 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    169. Brett Favre 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    170. Dan Marino 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    171. Jerry Rice 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    172. Barry Sanders 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10 (#1)
    173. Barry Sanders 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10 (#2)
    174. Emmitt Smith 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    175. Troy Aikman 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    176. Tony Banks 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    177. Jeff Blake 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    178. Drew Bledsoe 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10 (#1)
    179. Drew Bledsoe 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10 (#2) Claimed
    180. Mark Brunell 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10 (#1)
    181. Mark Brunell 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10 (#2)
    182. Gus Frerotte 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    183. Jeff George 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    184. Michael Irvin 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    185. Dan Marino 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10 (#1)
    186. Dan Marino 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10 (#2)
    187. Rick Mirer 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    188. Neil O'Donnell 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    189. Jerry Rice 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    190. Barry Sanders 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    191. Junior Seau 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10 (#1)
    192. Junior Seau 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10 (#2)
    193. Heath Shuler 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    194. Emmitt Smith 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    195. Kordell Stewart 1997 Studio Portrait 8x10
    196. Gus Frerotte 1997 Studio Portrait Press Proof Silver 8x10
    197. Dan Marino 1997 Studio Portrait Press Proof Gold 8x10
    198. Michael Irvin 1997 Studio Stained Glass Stars 8x10
    199. Gus Frerotte 1997 Studio Red Zone Masterpieces 8x10
    200. Steve Young 1997 Studio Red Zone Masterpieces 8x10
    201. Bryan Berard 1997-98 Studio Portrait 8x10
    202. John LeClair 1997-98 Studio Silhouettes 8x10
    203. Phillie Phanatic 2003 souvenir 8x10
    204. Bryant Westbrook autographed 8x10

    205. SI For Kids uncut sheets claimed

    Complete sets:
    206. 1998 Score baseball complete set
    207. 2000 Skybox Dominion baseball complete set

    Binders are empty as in zero pages with them.  As with lots of stuff here, they've been loved and aren't in perfect shape, but work just fine; they may just have stickers (or ghosts of them) permanently affixed.  The basketball-themed album (#213) previously had a metal nameplate glued to it (hence the discolored spot below the image).  I made sure to note that there are 10 four-card pages as the baseball version notes an "80"-card capacity.  Also, the regular binders are kind of large so keep that in mind when requesting them!
    208. Empty binder (#1)
    209. Empty binder (#2)
    210. Empty binder (#3) claimed
    211. Empty binder (#4)
    212. Empty binder (#5)
    213. Mini album with basketball image (10 four-card pages) claimed
    214. Mini album with baseball image (10 four-card pages) claimed
    215. Screwdown holders


    1. Wow, that's a LOT of stuff! I'm interested in lots #101, 104, and 149 if possible.

      1. Sure thing, Chris--I need an email for you.

    2. I wouldn't mind seeing 2/14 baby Drew Bledsoe 167 and 179 in the next trade package heading my way.

      1. Done and done! You'll get those with the rest of your goods (and I do mean GOODs!)

    3. Man - I think I will need to hit my LCS. I need something for that sweet Pepper Davis SL (#124).

      1. I know you're good for it. Unopened or opened?

    4. Replies
      1. Hi Billy,

        Sure, I just need an email address.

      2. Thanks! It's elcaminobilly@yahoo.com

    5. Hi!
      I am drooling all over this late 90s madness you have shown off. Love it all. The dufex, the acetate, the shiny.

      Anyways, I would love 46 if possible. Big Giants fan and collector.

      but much other great stuff here to.


      Ps: looking to add you to my.blogroll and hope you check out my blog and you are invited to enter in the many contests I do :) big promo coming up in 2017!

      1. It's all yours! And I've added you to my blogrolls, so I'll be following.

    6. Hey - I know we haven't traded before and I feel weird asking for stuff, but could I maybe have lot 37 for my Bears collection? Also, I'm a major Cubs collector - would it be possible to request that the Raffy ttm be randomly tossed in? I'll gladly send some cards back your way for your trouble! tonyburbs at gmail.com

      1. Hi Tony,

        Of course! It's about time we traded. Also, it's nice to have your email so I can reply to all the comments you leave me. I'm glad to have someone to send all my Bears stuff! Please just shoot me your address.

    7. Replies
      1. Hi Chuck,

        Sure thing--do you have anything to trade based on what I collect?

    8. I'd love 64 and 65 if available and May have a few Tigers coming back to you once I get moved.

      1. Hi John,

        That sounds fine. Please shoot me your email and your address and I'll get those out to you. Also, please let me know if you want the boxes flattened or just the bottom panels cut out.

    9. I'll take lots 52 and 54 please. Thanks! shortstopbrown@gmail.com

      1. Hi Bill, sure thing, they're all yours!

    10. I feel like lot 140, the Corey Hart bobblehead, is calling my name. That would be awesome!