Sunday, October 30, 2016

Player collection update: Cal Ripken Jr.

What started off as a daunting project is now a finished one as today I show off my last player collection update based on cards I scanned from my various completed sets.  I put a lot of work into identifying, pulling, scanning, cropping, labeling, and putting back cards from some of the largest PCs in my collection.  Besides the significant Tigers for whom I created albums--Kirk Gibson, Curtis Granderson, Alan Trammell, Justin Verlander, and Lou Whitaker--which took a good amount of time itself, I set out to scan completed set cards of Ken Griffey Jr., Tony Gwynn, Greg Maddux, and today's subject, Cal Ripken Jr.

The project resulted in bumping up my current total for cards in Cal's album to 362, and while that's second to Griffey's 426 by a good margin, I still think the Iron Man will overtake Junior for largest PC when I get around to scanning everything else that hasn't made it into these players' albums yet.  But who knows?  Maybe it'll be closer than I expect.  Either way I win since I love collecting both Juniors, in addition to their fellow 90s stars, Gwynn and Maddux.

Now that I've covered all that, let's take a fun categorical look at a bunch of the Ripkens I scanned:

Cal played well with others:

Cal appeared in many of my favorite sets:

Cal was featured on some fantastic inserts too:

Cal knew that sometimes, glove is all you need:

Cal was a hit at the plate too:

Cal appeared in lots of games...consecutively:
With this project completed my next step, as I've mentioned, is to scan everything else I haven't gotten to yet, which includes those pulled from boxes/packs, purchased, or acquired in trades, though the latter should be in the minority at this point since I tend to be good about showing those off.  Expect a nice bunch of stuff especially from the 90s and early 2000s when I was much more active as a box buster and set collector!


  1. So much awesome cardboard in one post! Collecting a player who's career lasted from the junk wax era through the crazy insert/parallel era must make for a varied and expansive collection!

    1. Thanks, Tony! And you're 100% right--it's a blast going through these PCs from my favorite era of collecting and enjoying all the variation and creativity that's pretty much ceased since the Toppsopoly. There's definitely a reason I have a "90s inserts rule" tag!