Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Player collection update: Greg Maddux

Having covered updates to my Griffey and Gwynn PCs in the last couple months, tonight I'm moving on to showing off cards of Greg Maddux, my favorite pitcher from the previous generation of players.  Guys like Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson were amazing, no doubt, but to my mind nobody was more cerebral and consistently excellent than Mad Dog.  In fact, he measures a tick above the Big Unit in career bWAR at eighth overall.  Add to that four straight Cy Youngs, a World Series ring, 18(!) Gold Gloves (the most by one player), and 355 wins (eighth overall and one more than Roger Clemens), a number modern pitchers will likely never sniff at, and a record 18 straight seasons winning 15-plus games.  You guys can have whomever you want from the 90s, I'm taking Mad Dog all day every day and twice on Sundays.

So here's some favorites from the big bunch of Maddux cards I scanned over the past few months.  As a reminder, everything here comes from my collection of complete sets--base and insert--and I have plenty more to scan and post in the future in terms of purchases and trades.  As with the previous posts I've divided these into categories I think are fun and/or interesting.  Enjoy!

Maddux was featured in lots of my favorite sets:

Maddux appeared on some fun inserts too:

Maddux didn't embarrass himself at the plate or on the basepaths:

Maddux played for the Cubs, Braves, Cubs, Dodgers, Padres, and Dodgers:

Maddux won 300 games, then kept on winning:

Maddux was the portrait of a pitching legend:
I hope you enjoyed this look at a nice bump to my Maddux PC, which now stands at 239 scanned cards...and growing!  Please hit that link to see more, then stay tuned for my last post in this series as I finally show off scans from my complete sets of a player who'll likely turn out to be my largest PC, Cal Ripken Jr.


  1. Not enough Padres-era cards, but otherwise very nice! :)

    1. Thanks! And I'll get right on that. A quick Beckett search shows almost 700 cards of him as a Padre, which is crazy considering he was with them for all of 1 1/2 seasons. Anyway, I count seven in my PC so far, so there's a good start!