Sunday, July 24, 2016

Not just good--PLAQUE good

"When I was starting out they said, 'You're good, but are you plaque good?'  Well, today I can say 'Yes I am!'"
As everyone already knows and/or posted about today, the baseball world celebrated Ken Griffey Jr.'s induction into the sport's Hall of Fame (along with amazing catcher Mike Piazza).  I thought I'd take the opportunity to post his cards from my most recent huge scanning project in which I'm trying to scan everything I have of Junior along with Tony Gwynn, Greg Maddux, and Cal Ripken Jr.  All that's gonna take a bit but I at least have everything of each player from my large complete set collection scanned, so there's that!

The first three groups of scans you see below include cards I scanned (and possibly posted) quite a while ago but wanted to include as this is a day for celebration.

The RCs:

The hits:

The Hall-themed inserts:

Everything from here on out is newly scanned and uploaded to Junior's Picasa album, which now contains well over 400 cards!

With his co-inductee, Mike Piazza:

Some favorite sets:
'95 Pinnacle

'96 Sportflix

'97 Fleer

Other favorite set appearances:

Great inserts:

That swing, tho:

Excellent horizontal cards:

Other fun stuff:

Congrats to one of the greatest players of my generation on some well-deserved kudos!  I also offer well-wishes to Piazza, one of the greatest catchers the game has ever seen.  May these two remain in the memories of all baseball fans forever.

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