Saturday, July 30, 2016

2016 eBay purchase: Michigan's Mechanical Man

Since I haven't posted much this week (or recently, in general!) let's pretend it's still Hall of Fame weekend because I have a pair of HOF cards to show off to y'all today.

My relative drop in number of purchases and overall spending has allowed me to up the ante on some of the purchases I do make, and therefore I've given myself a bit more leeway when looking at singles on eBay.  This month that led me to a fun pair of high-end additions of a couple of my favorite players.

Since I've posted even less on TMM than here recently I decided to show off one card on each blog.  As it turns out, both guys are Michigan Baseball-related while also fitting in well over here, so in a way I could have just flipped a coin to divvy them up.  But once you see the other card you'll understand why it's featured on TMM tonight.

Ok, on to this post's card:
Charlie Gehringer 2011 Donruss Limited Cuts 2 cut auto (#25/49)
Hey hey, it's former Tiger Charlie "the Mechanical Man" Gehringer!  And he's back in cut auto form!  Believe it or not, this is now my fourth auto (all cut-style, natch) of the HOF 2B after adding one last February and two more this past January.  Considering how crazy prices of cut signatures, especially deceased stars, can go, I'm proud to have this many of one of Detroit's all-time greats.

This one from Panini's 2011 Donruss Limited Cuts product differs from the other three--all of which are from UD's SP Legendary Cuts product--by lacking a photo of the player, which is usually a nice feature to have.  Since Panini couldn't use MLB logos, though, I suppose it's not a huge loss.  That's a minor part of the card compared to the excellent signature here, cut from a signed Hall of Fame postcard.  The hand-numbered cut is encased in a one-touch holder sealed with a Panini sticker, which is kind of a nice touch.

As you might imagine, cards from this Panini product aren't as highly sought after as others that are higher-end, licensed, and/or more scarce.  That allowed me to grab this copy as a relative bargain of a BIN for a bit more than $22, a price that easily fit my budget, especially for such a significant signature.

I'll continue trying to add more of Gehringer's autograph to my collection, whether it's a super-rare cut or something more affordable like this one, and I look forward to showing off more.

Please don't forget to head over to TMM this evening to check out my other significant HOF auto acquisition as it's a player I know at least a few of you collect!

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