Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowlin'

In case anyone cares, my rooting interest for tonight is Colby's Carolina Panthers.  Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly have made them a fun team to watch, plus I just don't care for Peyton Manning.
(Not that I think he actually juiced, but that forehead, tho!)

And then main reason I'm pulling for Carolina is a certain rookie WR straight out of Michigan, Devin Funchess
In the end I can't really complain though, since thanks to the presence of Broncos starter Michael Schofield, a Wolverine will win the big game either way.

So here's rooting for a classic game, ignoring another stupid halftime show, and maybe chuckling at a few commercials.  Go Panthers!


  1. Denvers pass rush is a thing of beauty. Holy smokes did they destroy Carolinas offensive line.

    1. And how! Von Miller was fun to watch in the playoffs and DeMarcus Ware kicked ass too. Carolina still had plenty of chances but wasted them all. At least the game was pretty much free of controversy and Peyton Manning had nothing to do with the outcome, so I can't complain!