Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2016 trade package #3: Condition Sensitive sends a red Larkin that isn't Barry

It feels like it's been quite a while since I made a first deal with a new trade partner (looks like ATBATT last May?) so I was happy to square up a deal with a new buddy (unless you're not my buddy, guy?), Rosenort over at Condition Sensitive.  The hockey fan (obviously) showed off a card that interested me in this post, and before long we'd swung a fun blind trade.  I managed to dig up some Rox and Skins to send up north--and especially west--and in return I got a few cards I'm showing off over on TMM tonight, plus a bunch of Red Wings:
This first scan is just Sergei Fedorov cards.  When I was looking him up over on hockey-reference the other day, I found out something I hadn't been aware of:  he scored exactly 400 goals over his 13 years in Motown.  The 1989 fourth-rounder--I guess Europeans back then got about as little consideration as American college players these days since Pavel Bure went in the sixth round--won three Cups with the Wings and proved to be an offensive force, so I was happy to learn of his induction into the NHL Hall of Fame.
And here's some more familiar faces from the 90s, when I grew up on EA's NHL video games.  HOFer Dino Ciccarelli played four very good seasons for Detroit in the early 90s.  Legendary D-man (another HOFer!) Paul Coffey was around for pretty much the same years, and contributed even more as part of the trade that brought Brendan Shanahan to Hockeytown.  Canadian North Dakota alum Greg Johnson had a nice career that included his first three and a half seasons with the Wings.  Kozlov was one of the famed "Russian Five" and was part of Detroit's '97 and '98 Cup-winning squads.  A few of you may have heard vague references to Steve Yzerman, who had a decent career before heading up the Lightning.  And Zombo, who appeared in Detroit for eight seasons, had an awesome name (and also played for North Dakota, incidentally).
This Collector's Choice card features two guys we've already seen so far along with hard hitting D-man Vladimir Konstantinov, one of my favorite hard-hitting Wings of the 90s.  Vladdie sadly saw his career cut short due to a car accident not long after the Wings won the Cup in '97, but he provided inspiration for his comrades to go out and repeat the following year.
And now we come to the card that started the deal.  When I saw this Dylan Larkin insert in the post mentioned above I knew I had to go get it.  Before this I had exactly zero Larkin cards due to his prices being through the roof.  Why?  Dude's one of the most exciting players in the league thanks to his amazing rookie campaign to-date.  Connor McWHOvid?  The league's fastest skater had an outstanding year at Michigan before jumping to the bigs as Detroit's first pick in 2014, and he hasn't looked back since, leading the team in goals, points, and +/- as of this post.  If you couldn't tell, I'm really excited to get a card of this guy, one of several WolverWings in my collection!

Thanks again for all these great Wings (and the other stuff you sent), Mr. Seidle, and I hope you liked what I sent back your way!  I hope this is the first trade of many.