Wednesday, December 2, 2015

2015 trade package #30: thankful for Red Wings and Tigers from SCFtDS

Almost a week after Thanksgiving (hey, I'm lazy!) I can still take the opportunity to say that I'm thankful for the usual stuff--family, friends, my health--along with generous and prolific trade partners like Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store.  "Prolific" is at least a good word to start with when it comes to describing the number of packages he's sent my way:  with some overlap in when they were sent to me, I've now posted trade packages from him 17 times on this blog and another 33(!) on TMM.  That's a ridiculous 50 trade posts from just one guy!  Happy 50, Doug, and here's to many more.

Ok, so let's show off some cards.  As you might expect, the biggest highlights are over on TMM, but here's some Detroit goodness for you readers as well:
They're not as high on my collecting list but I still do enjoy collecting Red Wings stuff.  Doug included a very nice mix of players, including more modern guys like Brunner, Cleary, Nyquist, and Hank, plus a pair of Detroit legends and HOFers in Red Kelly and Nick Lidstrom.  I look forward to seeing another guy like Lidstrom in Detroit before it's all said and done.
Moving over to the diamond I got a nice Topps Heritage Minors base of 2014 Tigers first-rounder (#23 overall) Derek Hill.  The OF was good enough to be listed as Detroit's #4 overall prospect on BA's list a year ago, and next month we'll see if he's managed to move up the list at all.  Oddly enough, the guy one spot ahead of him was
...RHP Buck "That Can't Be His Real Name, Right?" Farmer (spoiler alert:  it's actually "George Runie," so, uh, nice choice there, Buck).  A 5th-rounder in 2013, Farmer's seen action in 18 overall games since 2014, though his record stands at 0-5 in seven starts.  The guy's still young, and even with incoming pitcher Jordan Zimmerman nailing down a rotation spot, Farmer could still get more opportunities in 2016.

Here he is on a 2015 Topps Chrome Rookie Auto, which is on-card and features an interesting signature dominated by a large "B" and "F," which makes sense.  Nice to add another hit to my Tigers PC!

Thanks again for a great package, Doug, and pending the arrival of my COMC order you should have some cards headed your way in time for Christmas!


  1. Unidentified Cub cameo on the Whitecaps card! Nice haul.

    1. Yeah, now you've got me wondering who that is!