Sunday, November 22, 2015

2015 trade package #29: a freezing Fuji envelope

Like many of you out there I was the beneficiary of a fantastic Fuji trade package, one of many he sent out recently.  I can't imagine there's a single person reading this here blog that hasn't heard of the legendary Fuji thanks to his top-notch blog and super generous envelopes.  On this snow-covered Michigan Sunday evening, here's what Mark sent my way:
A perfect page of Tigers!  This nine-spot includes father and son Fielder, Hammerin' Hank, the oft-traded Edwin Jackson, a super rare Kinsler parallel (#d 18/25!), a Refractor of former closer Joe Nathan, a pair of inserts of former ace Scherzer (the latter is #964/999), and a very young JV.  The Kinsler was easily one of the highlights of the whole envelope and I'm excited to have it.
Panini stickers!  Specifically, a six-pack from the 1988 album.  Man, did I ever love putting these together as a kid.  One of these days I'll take some pictures of what I have in terms of the old albums and the stickers stuck in them.  It's nice having "unstuck" versions to keep as well, including Sweet Lou Whitaker.
Hits!  Highlighting the bunch is a pair of Granderson jerseys (yep, he hit both of this here blog's namesakes), and Curtis' World Series performance this season has me more interested than usual in piling up more of his stuff.  Former Tigers prospect Corey Knebel (apparently pronounced "kuh-NAY-bull," who knew?), since flipped to Milwaukee by way of the Rangers, makes an appearance from a 2013 Panini Prizm set; dude has a very nice signature!  Peake is a Rochester, Michigan, native who was Washington's first pick in '91 and actually never played for Detroit, but was instead with the OHL's Detroit Junior Red Wings when this card was made, making it a very cool piece!

Please make sure to check out the rest of the goods over on TMM this evening--let's just say that Mark managed to include something of all three of the namesakes of my pair of blogs in this package.

Thanks again for some great cards, Mark, and don't you worry about a lack of trade bait in the future--I'll be sending more stuff your way anyway!


  1. I'm assuming young Verlander is smiling so big because his future self went back in time and told him about Kate Upton.

    Fuji is the man!

    1. I'm assuming you're correct! And Fuji IS the best!

  2. Glad the package arrived safely. I'm sure I'll eventually get more Tigers and Wolverine cardboard at some point. If and when I do... they're yours.

  3. Hey Dennis... I actually found a few more items for you. But you know me. Might take a month (or two... or three) to actually package them up and ship them. Take care buddy.