Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 trade package #2: Miggy Walks the Plank

I think by now almost everyone is aware that Matt from Bob Walk the Plank is one of the most generous traders out there, and if they don't they've obviously been hiding under a stack of Becketts for more than a year.  Today's trade posts--this one and another over at TMM--should go a long way in illustrating that point for the uninitiated.  Not only did Matt send me an embarrassment of riches that I happily posted on Too Many Manninghams this evening, but to make up for sending me some doubles in this package and the last one (what a crime!) he included "some Tigers."  I'm quoting from the note he included.  Everybody, this is what Matt considers as "some Tigers":
Nick Castellanos 2014 Topps High Tek auto
What a way cool first Castellanos to add to my Tigers collection!  I came close a couple times to pulling the trigger on one or more of Nick's signatures on COMC, but I never did find the right match.  No worries, because Matt stepped up with this beauty from last year's 2014 Topps High Tek product.  It's translucent and includes a ginormous signature, something you sure as hell can't get from sticker autos, so I give Topps credit here (an I apologize to the residents of hell who might be feeling a bit chilly all of a sudden).  Along with many other Tigers fans I'm hoping for big things out of the young 3B, especially because it seems like it's been a while since Detroit developed a home-grown position player.

Now at this point you're probably thinking, "Yeah, that's pretty nice, but I think you oversold this package a bit, bro."  Well first of all, that haul you saw over at TMM was amazing for a Michigan collector like myself.  Second, this gem was also included:
Miguel Cabrera 2008 Topps Moments and Milestones Milestone auto
Perhaps you've heard of this youngster?  The insanity of the Moments and Milestones set fortunately doesn't apply to the autographs, so this one was easy to identify.  Miggy's milestone here was being an All-Star in each of his first four full Major League seasons (2004-2007).  He only played a bit more than half of his rookie 2003 season and didn't make the team that year, but I suppose he can console himself by staring at his World Series ring earned by beating the Yankees.

As surprising as that victory for Florida was, it definitely can't compare to my shock at seeing this card in the envelope.  Cabrera is simply the best Tiger out there right now, not to mention one of the best hitters of his generation (and, you know, ever).  People don't just randomly send people Miguel Cabrera autographs, but Matt does!  I'll have to do my best to compensate him for what's now my third Cabrera auto, two of which have come from him.  Maybe I can find a nice deal on some McCutchens.

And now I offer my sincere thanks to Mr. Scott for this blowout of a doozy of a trade package.  I've only posted two trades so far but clearly 2015 is shaping up to be another fantastic year of sending and receiving cards.  Readers, please show the Pirates/Mountaineers guy some love and visit his blog, Bob Walk the Plank!


  1. Thanks for the nice words. I just wanted to make sure these cards were new to your collection. I would have loved to find a Tiger Miggy for you, but could not find a good deal. Maybe one day I'll come across one that I can trade for. This Miggy and the one I traded to you last year were actually from the same seller. He was liquidating a collection and after won one he contacted me with a good price for the other.

    Looking forward to seeing what kind of craziness you and I can cause this year now that I'm no longer a blogging rookie.

    1. I remember you getting that other Miggy which is another reason I was surprised you sent it my way. I don't really mind if he's not in a Tigers uni since he's such a good player I can't afford to be picky anyway. I think we can up the trading insanity this year!