Sunday, August 3, 2014

2014 trade package #20: Reader Mark H. throws me some more throwbacks

First of all, welcome to this here blog's 600th post which, as always, would be more impressive if it hadn't been in existence as long as it has.  But at least I'm still going!

To celebrate (as if I wasn't gonna post this anyway), here's my second trade package from reader Mark Hoyle, one of the guys that participated in my recent giveaway/contest.  Back in June he shot me over a very cool PWE stuffed with vintage Tigers, and he recently followed that up with even more, quickly cementing him as one of my top sources of Detroit cards of yesteryear.  Here's what I got this time:
Last time Mark sent me one '71, but he doubled that effort today with the well-known Horton along with Cesar Gutierrez, a SS who played in a bit more than 200 games over five seasons with the Giants and Tigers.  As usual, the design looks great.
Next Mark tacked on another pair to the huge number of '72s he sent in June.  One is a multiplayer RC (w00t!) including Jim Foor, Tim Hosley, and Paul Jata.  Foor was a first-rounder in '67 that barely appeared over three MLB seasons.  Hosley played in parts of nine seasons, mostly with Oakland.  Jata appeared in 32 games in '72 and that was it.  I'll have to add those to the rest and see where I'm at in regards to the team set.
And now onto the '74s, which dominated the package this time.  Sharon was a Pirates '68 first-rounder that came over in a deal for the previously-mentioned Foor.  Brinkman, (who appeared in the last post for the '73 set) came to Detroit in a deal that sent former star Denny McLain and Wolverine Elliott Maddox to the Senators.  Speaking of the Sens (and that same deal), Coleman, a pitcher, was their #1 (3rd overall) in '65, and Mark also included him with the '73s last time.  I showed off the Cash in my last card show report, but it's great to land another of the well-known Detroit slugger.  Finally, LaGrow was featured on two cards Mark previously sent.

The top row here includes the last three '74s from the main set, including Mickey Stanley, the OF who famously moved to SS for the '68 World Series, a tactic that aided the Tigers in their ultimate victory.  Next to him is Woodie Fryman, an 18-year veteran who both started and relieved during his long career.  Lastly is another multiplayer RC, this one of the multi-team variety.  John Gamble, owner of 3 PA, 0 H and 1 R over 13 games in his two seasons with Detroit, is the lone Tiger, but Chalk was a two-time All-Star, Mackanin lasted for nine seasons, and Trillo was a four-time All-Star with seven teams over his 17-year tour (and is obviously the best player on the card).
The remaining trio comprises cards from the '74 Traded set.  Sutherland was a Montreal expansion pick in '68 and was with Detroit for about two-and-a-half years out of his 13 seasons.  Ray came over in the same deal, but the 28 games he played with Detroit in '74 proved to be his final ones.  Luke "Sky" Walker (just kidding, obviously, since Star Wars hadn't come out yet) also closed out his career in Detroit with 28 games after the team purchased him from the Pirates, for whom he pitched in his previous eight seasons.

Thanks for another great PWE, Mark!  I'm loving all the help you've given me towards the Tigers team sets from the early 70s, of which I have pretty much nothing.  Readers, if you haven't traded with Mark yet, keep an eye on your comments sections and know that he comes TMV-approved!


  1. Great looking Tigers cards. My first three years of collecting, I think I have all of them except the Horton and the Rookie card.

  2. The 71's are pretty beat. I think I pulled them from packs myself. Enjoy the cards

    1. If I'm keeping them (and I am), I have no problem with that. "Well-loved" vintage is a plus. Also, thanks for making me feel young!