Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 trade package #15: Reader Mark makes it as easy as '71-2-3

If one of the goals of my giveaway was to get back some trade packages (it was), especially from bloggers I hadn't traded with it, then I can say I've been successful thanks to people like avid blog reader Mark H..

Mark grabbed a 1999-2000 Topps basketball set and an Oakland A's player lot, and though it wasn't required at all, he was nice enough to send a fat PWE back my way:
What's this?  A couple rows of nine-pocket pages stuffed with vintage Tigers?  SWEET!

To start things off we have this 1971 Topps multiplayer RC (love those!) of Lerrin LaGrow and Gene Lamont.  LaGrow went 16-40 in five seasons with Detroit, but still managed a ten-year career, which is respectable.  Lamont played all of his 87 career games over five seasons in Detroit before managing the White Sox and Pirates for four years each in the 90s.  Formerly the Tigers' third base coach, he's been the team's bench coach since 2013.

The 1972 set was the biggest representative of this package with a whopping 17 cards.  The highlights include a Billy Martin manager card, a Mickey Lolich pitching leaders, slugger Norm Cash, PH specialist Gates Brown (GATOR!), 22-season pitcher Joe Niekro, Mickey Stanley, another Lolich, and a team card.  I should put these together with the few others I have and see how close I am to a team set.  What a nice bunch of Tigers!

Finally, Mark included this six pack of 73's.  Fryman, who was with Detroit for three seasons, is the guy I know best in this group.  LaGrow makes a second appearance as well, and the team card is again a highlight.

Thanks again, Mark, for not only taking some unwanted cards off my hands, but also for sending back a trade package stuffed with Tigers!


  1. Glad the cards made it safely. You should be close on the72 set. That set is huge though I know you will need a few more.

    1. You're probably right that I'm close, but yet, that's a big set! If I find I do have all of them I'll show them off at some point. Thanks again!