Saturday, July 12, 2014

2014 trade package #18: these Tigers are Off Hiatus

I was fortunate to receive still another fantastic trade package as a result of my giveaway, and this one arrived from a trader that was new to me:  Tony L. of Off Hiatus Baseball Cards.  Tony grabbed my extra 1999 Topps baseball Series II set and Prince Fielder player lot, and for his effort he landed the 2008 UD baseball fat pack blaster.  He posted a few highlights last Wednesday.

The Brewers fan in Georgia was nice enough to send me stuff of MY favorite baseball team in return, and boy did he hit the high notes:
Up first is a trio of Alex Avila parallels, including Emerald and Gold from last year's Topps.  I'm still a fan of the low average/plus power catcher so I really like these.  Next is a group of six (out of nine!) cards of your back-to-back MVP, including another Topps Gold, which is still a favorite of mine.  Everything has him in a Tigers uni, which is a plus (but isn't required for me).

In this scan we have the last three Miggys, including a pair of Minis (1987- and 1972-style).  Slugger Hank Greenberg was no turkey, but that's a spiffy Turkey Red.  He's joined by a couple colorful recent Topps parallels of current Tigers Torii Hunter (who's hitting again!) and Jose Iglesias (who's hopefully on the mend).  New-old leadoff hitter A-Jax is honored for his running ability next to another Emerald, this time All-Star V-Mart, and finally his fellow Venezuelan Magglio.
This scan could be titled "60% of the Tigers' 2014 rotation (and Pudge)."  Career year-having Porcello leads off next to former catcher Rodriguez, and newer acquisition Sanchez bookends Pudge.  2014 All-Star Max Scherzer shows up in a couple issues before (former) ace JV is seen on four of SIX MANY VERLANDERS.
Here's the other two JVs, plus a cool insert of Rob Brantly (sent to Florida in the Sanchez/Infante deal last year), and a 2014 Purple Bowman of prospect Melvin Mercedes (who's currently at AAA Toledo so I may see him in-person soon).  Lastly is a quartet of 1987 Fleer Minis of four of the most important '84 champ Tigers!

Thanks for an excellent first trade, Tony, and I look forward to doing it again!  Readers, don't ever think about taking a break from reading his blog--head over to Off Hiatus Baseball Cards as soon as you read this.


  1. Dennis -- glad you enjoyed the cards, and thanks for the links over. I appreciate it -- and I'm looking forward to trading again!

    1. Thanks again, and let's do it again soon, especially if you can get more Tigers like these!