Sunday, July 6, 2014

2014 trade package #17: Mr. Fuji manages to send me some great Tigers

I sent Mark over at the Chronicles of Fuji a fun little PWE a few weeks ago, and in typically generous fashion he sent me a nice response in the form of some of my favorite Tigers (and Prince Fielder):
In just nine cards, Fuji was able to touch on four different eras in the team's history:  pre-WWI (Cobb), the 1980s (Tram), the 90s (Cecil Fielder) and the 2000s on (the rest).  This is a fun bunch of players, and I'm a fan of every guy shown here except for Prince Fielder, who I'm sure isn't getting fatter by the minute as he sits out the rest of the season with a neck injury.  Mark even paid tribute to both namesakes of this here blog in Granderson and Verlander, with a pair of cards each.
Fuji also threw in a fun WBC relic of former Tigers pitcher Fu-Te Ni, a Taiwanese free agent who was with the team for 58 games in 2009-10.

Thanks as always for being a great trader, Fuji--let's do it again soon!  The few of you who aren't already following him should get over to the Chronicles of Fuji, and the rest of you should consider this a reminder to catch his post from today, which is an interesting look at the unwritten rules of card shows.


  1. Hey Dennis... glad the cards arrived safely.

    1. Yessir--thanks again, that was a fun bunch of Tigers!