Sunday, June 15, 2014

Randomization time! This contest is going the distance

Let's give some cards away!

As a quick reminder, here's all 117 entries (in the order I received them):

Next, here's each person who entered, and the number of entries they earned:
Al Kawamoto (Hockey Kazi)3
Alex (Chavez Ravining)8
Brian (Play at the Plate)7
Chris (Nachos Grande)1
Chris (Raz Card Blog)13
Chuck Bartz4
Curtis (Condition Sensitive)3
defgav (Baseball Card Breakdown)8
Doug (Sports Cards From the Dollar Store)1
Eric Eckstein5
Greg (PTSiA)13
Jack (Baseball Dad)3
Jim (GCRL)1
Josh Liss3
Kyle Wong4
Mark (Baseball Nation)4
Matt (Bob Walk the Plank)3
Max (Starting 9)3
Pat (Hot Corner Cards)5
Roger (Cool Breeze Baseball Buzz)4
Swing and a Popup5
Tim (Great Sports Name Hall of Fame)6
Tony (Off Hiatus Baseball)6
Triple Play Autos1

Ok, here's the deal:  I'm gonna take the list above, paste it into, then randomize it 11 times, because
You know, if I hadn't mentioned that.

So 11 randomizings, and then the first 11 unique names that come up are our winners!
A quick note:  though it says "You have randomized this list 10 times" at the very bottom, I did indeed randomize it 11 times; you have two randomize three times for it to consider it "twice" and so on.

Congratulations to our big winners!:
  1. Brian (Play at the Plate)
  2. Kyle Wong
  3. Tony (Off Hiatus Baseball)
  4. Greg (PTSiA)
  5. Eric Eckstein
  6. Max (Starting 9)
  7. Al Kawamoto (Hockey Kazi)
  8. Alex (Chavez Ravining)
  9. Tim (Great Sports Name Hall of Fame)
  10. Josh Liss
  11. Swing and a Popup
Brian gets dibs on whatever he wants (though I'll hazard a guess at his #1 choice).  Everyone else on the list, please shoot me an email (caljr3000 at gmail) or leave a comment with your choices ranked in the order you'd want them most, from 1-11.  As a reminder, all prizes can be seen here.  Canadian winners, depending on how things fall I'll contact you directly to make other arrangements, but for now please send me your lists too.

For those of you who didn't win, rest assured that I've found some other extras to throw in as consolation prizes.  And by the way, I still need addresses from the following:
  • Al Kawamoto (Hockey Kazi)
  • Chris (Nachos Grande)
  • Chuck Bartz
  • Josh Liss
  • Max (Starting 9)
  • Triple Play Autos

And thank you again to everyone who participated.  Once I have all the addresses and sufficient packing materials (I may require a quick order over at BCW, we'll see), I'll get what you claimed/won out to you!

And now I'm headed downtown for a fun concert featuring one of my favorite bands growing up:  Cake!  (Hence the title, if you hadn't figured that out).


  1. Congrats to the winners.

    And what - I didn't get a sympathy entry? (UNFOLLOW)

    1. Congrats are indeed in order. And no sympathy entries for Blech-Hawk fans! (PERMABANNED!)

  2. Thanks for the contest, and I'm damn glad I "pimped" it!

    1. I'm glad that worked out for you too! Pimpin' ain't easy, but it's a rewarding endeavor. I'll let you know what you're left with once everyone else makes their choices.

  3. Thanks for the great contest. Tulo me!

    1. I'm almost disappointed you didn't go with a curveball and take something completely unexpected! The Tulo is all yours, and I'll send your haul out to you soon. Thanks again for playing!

  4. I am sending you an email now. Thanks! Free stuff is the best stuff.