Saturday, March 8, 2014

2014 trade package #6: a 2x3 surprise PWE!

What's more fun than checking your mailbox in anticipation of cards you traded for or bought?  A surprise package, of course!  And that's exactly what I received from unsolicited-but-appreciated envelopes of the plain white variety, Jeff of 2x3 Heroes, earlier this week.  It doesn't matter that he's already sent me a few of these--it's still a blast every time.  Here's what I got this week:
A couple Tigers.  My brother and I referred to the player on the left as "Walt Terrible" for a long time, but he was actually decently ok over his seven seasons in Detroit, especially 1987.  Wilson, meanwhile, was known more for his six seasons with the Mets, but did play for the Tigers in 2005-06, the final years of his career, mostly as a backup.

And here's the best part of the package:  a quartet of the (hopefully) playoff-bound Red Wings.  Neither of today's teams are among Jeff's favorites, for obvious reasons, so I do appreciate him sending them over.  The Blue Prizm of Franzen is the clear highlight of the package, because blue parallels are always the best!

Thanks for doing what you do best and surprising me with a fun PWE, Jeff!  Readers, head on over to 2x3 Heroes if you aren't already following that fantastic blog, and maybe give the guy some help with his various projects, such as his newer one, a chase of Nellie Fox.


  1. Those blue/red Prizm parallels might be my favourite retail parallels ever.

    1. Yeah, man, those are amazing! Red would also obviously work very well with the Wings, but blue's still my favorite.