Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy birthd-EH, Doug C.!

I'd like to wish a very happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers/traders, Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store!  His happens to be very easy to remember since he so publicly collects cards of guys that share his February 14 birthday.  His posts from yesterday and today provide a few glimpses into that collection, if you're interested.  Athletes that fall into that category include (click the sport for all players):

Derek Norris
Takashi Saito
Dave Dravecky

Rip Hamilton
Gheorghe Muresan
Byron Mullens

Drew Bledsoe
Steve McNair
Jim Kelly
Harry Colon
Patrick Ramsey
David Garrard

Calle Johansson
Petr Svoboda
Viktor Kozlov
Marian Gaborik
Petr Mrazek

So in honor of this hoser's birthday, send him a bunch of 2/14 stuff!  I'm currently in the process of doing just that, and hopefully you'll see the results on his blog in just a few weeks.  Also, so this post isn't card-less, here's one of a player we both collect, another guy celebrating today:

And just for fun, who are the best athletes or other celebrities that share YOUR birthday?  Leave me some fun comments!  Mine include Bartolo Colon (ugh), Jason Babin, Joe Dumars and future MLB star Tracy McGrady, and Pat Verbeek and Kris Draper, plus actors John C. Reilly, Alfred Molina, Jim Broadbent, and music legend Bob Dylan.


  1. In baseball, the one that stands out to me most is Sid Fernandez. He was the only player that shared my birthday in the big leagues from 1985-1991, or basically my entire youth. Jose Valentin and Tanyon Sturtze came later and currently Nolan Reimold and Paul Janish are the "biggest" names. In football, the biggest names are former QB Chris Chandler and current DBs Adrian Wilson and Ryan Clark. In basketball, the biggest names are Charlie Ward and current ROY favorite Michael Carter-Williams. As far as pop culture actor Hugh Jackman, wrestler Dusty Rhodes, and former teen heartthrob Kirk Cameron shared my birthday. Also, Mike Wolfe from American Pickers shares my exact birthday. Fun topic

    1. Cool birthdays! Except for Kirk Cameron, who's turned into a massive ignorant tool. Sid Fernandez is an especially fun one. I think you and Matt below share a birthday!

  2. While looking through the binder, I found another overlapping player. Former Green Bay Packer John Anderson is also a 2/14 baby. Unfortunately, he retired just as the junk wax era was getting underway, so his cards are few and far between.

    1. Interesting, you're correct, and I do see a few cards of his on COMC, but very little. Football defensive players don't get enough love!

  3. My favorite is the American Dream Dusty Rhodes! Oct 12th

    1. Great choice! Awesome wrestler from the heyday of the WWF. And I think you share a birthday with Hiflew above