Sunday, February 16, 2014

2014 trade package #2: Too many cards from Cards on Cards (CARDS!)

It had been quite a while since I had made a trade with Kerry of Cards on Cards--late 2012 if my trade log is to be trusted--so I was glad we were able to complete another one somewhat recently.  I say "somewhat" because I can't remember when I sent a package his way OR when his return offering arrived, but that doesn't really mean anything other than that I'm getting old.  In typical Madding fashion, he sent me a very generous Tigers-heavy package that I'm happy to be able to show off right now:
Kerry hit a bunch of my Tigers PCs, and you'll see more in a minute.  Cabrera is the winner here with the Topps Emerald insert, but I think Tony Clark did quite well too with the Pinnacle Yard Work insert.  It's kind of funny to think of Tony as a masher, but then again, the Tigers didn't have very many options in the 90s.  Sigh....
I've traded a couple of those Wave of the Future inserts away, but I believe the Encarnacion is the first I've had sent my way.  He's joined by a very nice Greats of the Game Gibby and a Granderson (only one?!) I don't believe I had.  Also, Inge catching!
Going alphabetically means only one current Tiger here, Porcello, but the rest are all Detroit favorites of mine.  Morris is represented by another fantastic GOtG issue, Magglio gets in three times, blog favorite Dean-o makes another appearance, and Pudge scores with two of five that were in the package.
I think this was my favorite group of nine:  three more Pudge cards, a nice pair of Trams, including--yes--another Greats of the Game, and Verlander makes four appearances!
Young is the last of the players I have grouped into PCs, and he's followed by a few HOFers (who I also have sorted into PCs, actually) in Cobb, Kaline, and Kell, who'd pretty much form three-quarters of a Detroit Mount Rushmore if you think about it.  After that, along with the next page, I'm showing off a handful of the cool inserts Kerry included.  Milt Cuyler!
Three more inserts, including a spiffy Kapler and a Gold of blog unfavorite Don Kelly round out that group.  I then wanted to show off some of the prospect-type cards, all hailing from the 2004 SP Prospects set except for the red numbered card, which is a 2003 UD Finite of pitcher Jorge Cordova, a Marlins/Reds prospect who didn't make it to the Show.  And finally, a Fleer logo sticker because those are awesome.

And now, the two best cards in the package:
Justin Verlander 2006 Upper Deck RC
Wow, I wasn't expecting that at all!  JV has RCs in both 2005 and 2006 sets because the rules are goofy as hell--I mean, he already had a rookie in 2005 Upper Deck!--but this is great all the same, and hails from one of UD's nicer 2000s designs.  That makes five Verlanders on the day!

Miguel Cabrera 2011 Topps Update All-Star Stitches jersey
Well if I wasn't expecting the JV, I definitely wasn't expecting this!  2011 was Cabrera's 6th career All-Star Game selection (he's since made it to the last two as well), and he went 0-1 as a PH in a game that saw a big three-run blast by future teammate Prince Fielder for an NL win.

And if that wasn't generous enough, he kicked in a pair of cards you can check out over on TMM if that interests you.

Thanks for an awesome third trade, Kerry, and here's to another soon!  As generous as you were, I'll try to hit you back with a comparable package in the near future.  Readers, go check out a fantastic blog that features cards, Cards, and Ducks tonight!