Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2013 trade package #25: Coot Veal's keeping it real on the west siiiide

Hey, it's another trade post!  You know, trading, the thing I said I was gonna do more of this year, then haven't done nearly as much as I should?

Dustin of Coot Veal and the Vealtones posted a card I really wanted that led to a trade that grew and grew until it clocked in at 100% awesome.  He actually sent his end before I had his stuff ready to go, and now I'm finally getting around to posting it.  Here's the goods:
Dustin is the western Michigan version of me, meaning we collect many of the same things.  Case in point:  Tigers.  This is a great mix of new and old Tigers, including base and inserts.  You just can't beat the variety, especially when you've got a Kaline and Gibby mixed in with a numbered Boesch and a Zumaya sans facial hair!
Three words:  seven many Grandersons!  I've got a few of the Generation Nows now, so I may casually pursue those in the future.  And this is a good reminder that I really need to get around to scanning my Grandersons.
Sure, past Tigers are impressive, but how about VINTAGE past Tigers?  The Niekro would be a fine subject for Hot Corner Cards' Twilight Tigers series.

"Yeah, yeah," you say, "where's the really good stuff you always leave til the end?"  Fear not, hypothetical reader:
Cliff Mapes 1952 Bowman
Dustin casually tossed this into the trade like it was nothing, which I guess it wasn't for him since this was a double.  I'd have to check, but this is very likely the oldest card in my PC, and the fact that it's a Tiger makes it that much cooler.  I scored another '52 Bowman Tiger on COMC for Mr. Veal in return for this one.
As it turns out, 1952 was Mapes' final season in the Bigs, and his only with Detroit.  Over five years he also played for the Yanks and the St. Louis Browns.  Naturally, since he was with New York for a few seasons, he won a pair of rings.  And there's a fine example of how a baseball card can give you a history lesson.  THE MORE YOU KNOW.

Tim Hudson 2011 Topps Allen and Ginter Relics jersey
When this fell out of the package I was confused for a minute, then vaguely remembered possibly letting Dustin know I'd be interested in picking it up in a future trade.  Though I don't talk about him much around here, Hudson's one of my favorite non-Tiger ballplayers.  He's been a fun (and effective) guy to watch since his years with Oakland, and I have nothing but respect for a player that can go out and put up the results he does.  I was definitely saddened to hear about his freak ankle injury, and I hope he can come back stronger than before.  Anyway, I do like Topps' framed relic cards, and this A&G looks great, so I was very happy to end up with it after all.

Kirk Gibson 2007 Sweet Spot Classic Classic Memorabilia jersey
Gibby!  I believe this was another of the Coot's doubles, and since Gibson is one of my all-time favorite Tigers, I happily accepted its addition to the deal.  You Dodger fans can remember his big moment in '88 for as long as you want, but he'll forever be a Tiger, homering twice in 1984's game five, with Sparky yelling "He don't wanna walk you!  He don't wanna walk you!" in reference to Goose Gossage's choice to pitch to him.  This is my sixth Gibson hit--two each of autographs, bats, and jerseys!

Jeremy Bonderman 2010 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey jersey
Miguel Cabrera 2010 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey jersey
These last two ended up in the deal together, and as it turns out, both guys are again teammates in 2013, which is very cool.  I would never say no to a pair of current Tigers relics when they're of players like these two.  I now own four Bondo jerseys and five of Mr. Triple Crown (plus an auto and manupatch).  These rounded out what turned out to be a very satisfying Tiger-centric trade package.

To see the last couple cards I picked up, please head on over to TMM; I'd argue it's worth it as one of them was the impetus for the trade.

Once again, thanks a ton to Dustin for an easy and fantastic deal.  I was thrilled to work out another trade that was even better than our first one from last year.  I hope you enjoy your stuff, and that we can get another swap in the works soon.  Readers, please mosey on over to Coot Veal and the Vealtones for some cool Coot collecting!


  1. Great post. I'm feeling very cool, in a west side kind of way. Always great to trade with you, my friend.

    1. As cool as you can be living on the west side of a midwestern state, I guess. You're right, it was a blast and I'm really happy with what you sent me, so let's do it again soon!