Friday, August 30, 2013

You Complete Me, eBay edition: 2005 Topps Series II baseball

This is sort of an unorthodox YCM post, but I feel like it fits the theme.  My very last August pickup from eBay was a complete set of 2005 Topps Series II baseball for about $17 delivered.  I'd wanted one of these for a while since I'd completed Series I quite a while ago, but I was too busy flip-flopping between buying a set or hobby box to figure out what I really wanted to do.  After killing so many of my set wants this year, I thought it would be a good idea to attack the few complete sets I needed, and in this case the price was right.

Here's a look at some highlights from the set, since I've never really had the opportunity to show off 2005 Topps here otherwise:
Here we have all but one card for a Tigers team set.  Ah yes, Eric Munson and Rondell White--thankfully those days are over.  And Urbina proved his worth by letting the Tigers flip him for Placido Polanco BEFORE he was charged with attempted murder.

Here's a few of the stars and better photos.  Jeter's is a gorgeous horizontal shot that gets used for all the right reasons.  Sadly, much of the photo is obscured by Topps' huge borders; still, this card is definitely a winner.  So is the great shot of Jeff Bagwell's signature batting stance, one that's sorely missed since the slugger retired.  Still, for my money, the coolest photo in the set belongs to Tim Hudson, going into a windup from the seats.  Well done, Topps!

Hmmm, I really feel like I'm missing something.  Let's see, there were the Tigers, the stars, I counted everything to make sure the set was complete, but I KNOW there was another reason I grabbed this set.  OH YEAH:
Justin Verlander 2005 Topps RC
It's a pre-pair of no-hitters RC of some guy named Verlander.  This card by itself is responsible for the rising cost of hobby boxes, not to mention complete sets, and almost always sells for more than I paid for the entire series plus shipping!  It's a fantastic rookie that I'm thrilled to have as part of multiple PCs since it can be filed under rookies, Tigers, and JV's player collection.  Blog namesake represent!

One quick request to you readers before I put this one to bed:  does anybody have checklists 3 and 4 from Series II?  The seller included the first two, and I'm not OCD enough to worry that much about not having them, but if anyone feels like including them in a future trade package, I'd surely appreciate it!

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