Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You Complete Me is back again...again, Part 2

Just one package today, but I figured I'd at least give everyone a break from the 2002 Topps Total stuff for at least a day!

Envelope #1 (SportLots):
We'll start things off with a pair from 2009 Topps baseball.  As I said yesterday, I started off needing 13 cards from that set, and I showed off just one yesterday.  Today you get a Classic Combos subset cards featuring Fat Elvis/Big Puma Lance Berkman along with Carlos Lee, plus a manager card--former Oakland skipper Bob Geren.

Next up is another card from 2010 Bowman Chrome baseball, this one of David Lough, a 2007 Royals 11th-rounder who's actually having a pretty solid season in Kansas City.  Combined with yesterday's trio I'm down to just eight needed.

I only showed off one football pickup yesterday, a Haloti Ngata RC from 2006 Bowman.  Four more players from that set, all RCs as well, join him today:  Bears return ace Devin Hester, Detroit native and former Badger Jonathan Orr, 2006 NFL Defensive ROY DeMeco Ryans, and current CFLer Dee Webb.  I can now cut that list down to just five needs.

Finally, I can apply some cards to a set I hadn't covered yet, 2008 Topps football.  I began the day needing 10 from this set, which I began building with a hobby box a few years ago (I believe I was shorted a hit!).  This pair of QBs puts a nice 20% dent into that project, including a RC of Louisville star and NFL washout Brian Brohm.

That's a solid day's work as things are starting to come together.  Stay tuned for more tomorrow, or whenever I get around to it!
# of cards:  9
# of sets added to:  4
# of sets completed:  0

Stats for the day:
  • Packages:  1
  • Total cards:  9
  • Sets added to:  4
  • Sets completed:  0

Total You Complete Me stats:
  • Packages:  6
  • Total cards:  22
  • Sets added to:  5
  • Sets completed:  0


  1. DeMeco Ryans! My brother's most recent favorite football player...he basically gave up on football when Ryans was traded to the Eagles lol.

    Also weird you got a Brohm. A Blowout guy was selling a cheapo lot and one of the hits was a Brian Brohm Topps Magic auto in a Bills uniform. Surprised he got hits that far into his career.

    1. Yeah, I mostly remember him with Houston myself. And it's not easy rooting for guys when they're on teams like Philly and the Jets.

      And no surprise that Brohm was still getting hits--you've gotta have the big-time scrubs to balance out the handful of stars, right?