Saturday, August 10, 2013

Attention Allen & Ginter hobby box busters: check your lids

I'm no fan of this set, or Gypsy Queen, which is the same difference as far as I'm concerned, but since so many of you are busting hobby boxes of A&G right now, I wanted to alert you to a thread I caught on Blowout that's relevant to your interests.

Apparently, rippers extraordinaire brentandbecca noticed something while bulldozing through a ridiculous 384 boxes:  three of the box LIDS contained rare 1/1 cards.  The good:  this is a very cool, unexpected bonus for you die-hards that bust boxes of the stuff every year.  The bad:  nobody seemed to have been aware of this, and a number of these cards may come out damaged, if not entirely thrown out with the bathwater, as it were, by collectors who tear into their newest obsession.

I lean on the positive side, although I think Topps could have done a bit more to prevent damage by unsuspecting box-rippers.  Those of you who've opened one or more hobby boxes should definitely check them for these cards if you haven't already.

That magazine with the made-up prices and delusional editor has more details on the story here.  Much better hobby news source the Cardboard Connection also has more on the news.  Good luck to you collectors, and well wishes to all the Gint-a-Cuffs participants this year!