Sunday, July 21, 2013

The return of You Complete Me! Part 3: lots of sports

I've got three more YCM packages for you today:

Package #1 (SportLots):
2002-03 Topps Traded hockey is a set I got into for some reason.  I found a nice deal on retail packs at Meijer years ago and got hooked, especially since it included some Red Wings AND Michigan Hockey players, such as Mr. Jillson above.  Because I'm stupid and a slacker, I've let this set sit incomplete for about 10 years now.  Well, this package was a huge step towards tying up that loose end as it included 18 of the 20 cards I still needed from the set!  I only scanned six, though, and even struggled to pick that many since most of the guys have long since become irrelevant.

# of cards:  18
# of sets added to:  1
# of sets completed:  0

Package #2 (SportLots):
A few of my SportLots packages included a mix of set wants and my Michigan PCs, and this was one of them--it's tough to justify nabbing just four cards from a seller with the way shipping goes over there.  The Perez is from 2002 UD Honor Roll Update, another set I've been "working on" for something like a decade.  I didn't take a stab at completing it (just three cards left!) just yet, or the Victory Update set (from whence the Lowe came), but grabbed those because this seller also had some PC wants.  The pair of 2010 Scores, meanwhile, put me just two cards away from THAT set, including all of the rookies.

# of cards:  4
# of sets added to:  3
# of sets completed:  0

Package #3 (COMC):
COMC was my go-to source for the one-offs I needed to complete sets this time; almost everything you'll see in this series came from SportLots, but these five were throw-ins with my latest COMC package because the prices were better there.  The trio of 2006 Topps cards, including a RC of the perennially overrated whiner of a QB in Chicago, were the last ones I needed at the time thanks to a nice SportLots purchase I'll show off next time.  Similarly, the '06 Bowman Chrome Hatcher RC was the nail in the coffin for that set when I placed my order, and you'll see the rest of THOSE next time.  And in case you were sensing a trend, the Lehtonen RC from the previously-discussed 2002-03 Topps Traded is the last of those, though the very last card I need to show off will await one last post.  That one was surprisingly expensive!  One lone wolf of a card is all that exists on my soon-to-be deleted hockey set wantlist!

# of cards:  5
# of sets added to:  3
# of sets completed:  0

Stats for the day:
  • Packages:  3
  • Total cards:  27
  • Sets added to:  6
  • Sets completed:  0

Total You Complete Me stats:
  • Packages:  5
  • Total cards:  103
  • Sets added to:  8
  • Sets completed:  1

No new completed sets again...yet.  Stay tuned for a huge SportLots package that covers a bunch of sets.  I'm also still waiting on two more SportLots orders, one of which contains set wants.

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