Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2013 trade package #19: I'll buy that for a dollar! Another trade with SCFtDS

Another trade package that graced my mailbox last week came from a familiar location in Canada:  more cards from Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store!  These cards represent my third trade with Doug over on this blog, and fifth over on TMM.  For the bulk of the package, check out this evening's post at Too Many Manninghams.  But while you're here, take a quick gander at a small but useful number of cards relevant to this here blog:
I don't know how many copies of that Fleer sticker I have, but I'm always happy to take on more of them.  More importantly, Doug threw in a quartet of 2012 Topps Archives needs from my wantlist.  As is one of my favorite customs here, first take a look at the list before:
and after:
Woohoo!  Down to just a literal handful of cards to get that set completed.  Once again, this one will be very satisfying since I'll have completed it almost entirely thanks to the generosity of people I've traded with.  This one will get done soon, you can count on that!

Thanks again for yet another exciting trade package, Doug!  I'm actually very close to being able to send you a nice response, and I'll make sure to let you know when it ships.

Readers, as always, please get yourselves over to Doug's blog and get to trading with a guy who knows his way around a Loonie, eh?

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