Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 trade package #18: a dime bag from Dime Box Nick!

Have you ever read a trade post...

Anyway, I apologize for the lack of posts recently--I've been pretty busy with other fun stuff, and I've just kind of fallen out of the habit.  The weather's getting nicer (the last 48 hours very much excepted) and there's been lots to do, but I'm still trying to keep up with a few posts here and there.

Such as today's, which features a trade package from yet another new 2013 trade partner!  Nick from Dime Boxes recently put out an APB for some extra pages.  I happened to have a bunch chilling in my card closet because I don't really put my cards in binders anymore.  I stuffed a USPS medium flat rate box full of what I had (plus a Bowman Ryan Dempster RC) and sent it his way.  Soon after, I received a great package in return, featuring what you see here:
Tigers new and old!  I still love picking up anything new of Dean-o, and the Showcase is an extra-nice addition to his PC.  I hope Mariners fans don't cringe too much when I post stuff of Fister.  The AJax (A&G back) reminds me that he was just sent to the DL, but at least that means Avisail Garcia was called up, and maybe if he performs well we'll finally see the last of Don "The New Gerald Laird" Kelly.  The Magglios (including a Topps Rookie Cup reprint) depict him with the White Sox, but I think he'll be most remembered for his Tigers heroics.
Tigers most certainly of the past, but no less memorable.  The pair of Fidrych cards adds to my too-small PC of a team favorite.  The Cochrane, Tanana (rock that 'stache, bro!) and a Morris below feature Tigers in different uniforms, but I certainly don't mind that.  Kaline and Greenberg are two of Detroit's absolute legends as well and are most welcome.
Two Tigers legends kick things off here, including the Newhouser.  The rest are of the oddball variety but still feature mostly familiar names.  The Coleman pairs up nicely with a Freehan you can see over on TMM.  By the way, I've now got a growing collection of those '87 Coke cards.
Lastly, this pair of '02 Topps Total commons puts a small dent in my wantlist for that set, which now sits at a manageable 42.

Nick, thanks for an outstanding first trade, and here's to many more!  Readers, please check out my accompanying post over on TMM, and head over to Dime Boxes for some cheap thrills!


  1. Glad you liked everything and thanks again for the pages/Dempster RC!

    1. You know it! Maybe we can trade again soon, and I can even send you more than one actual card.