Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Who wants some last chance trade bait?!

I'm cleaning up what's left of my trade bait in anticipation of sending it in to COMC (with a possible pit stop on Blowout just in case) because I've got a fun project in mind and need to raise some funds.  However, before I work on selling it, I want to offer you guys this stuff in trade one last time--I'd love to get more deals done this year and I hope this spurs a few more!



  • Robiskie/Williams:  #193/250
  • Harrington:  #08/99
  • Best RPM:  #22/99
  • Best Sterling:  #137/299
  • Smith Sterling:  #237/309

  • Young/Pettis:  #27/50
  • Pettigrew/Williams:  #314/500
  • Young Certified:  #067/499 (dinged corner)
  • Fitzgerald/Williams:  #026/100 (creases near swatch windows)
  • McMahon:  #073/850
  • Staley:  #0854/1150

  • Stafford Gold:  #1795/2012
  • Delmas:  #450/999
  • Young:  #081/999
Michigan football:

-Long Sterling:  #974/999

If you see anything here you like, please let me know and we can work out a trade.  My plan is to leave these up until the weekend, which gives everyone a few days to look through them.  After that I'll start trying to move them elsewhere.


  1. I'm interested in the Joey Harrington card. I'll email you a list later of some things that may or may not interest you.