Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mail alert and 2013 COMC pickup #1: EEE Fields forever

Keeping the USPS in business one trade at a time:

I sent out five packages today, getting me even (or better) on a bunch of trades, meaning I just have one left to square up soon.  If your ZIP/postal code is on this list, congratulations because it's probably you that's getting a package from your buddy at TMV:

N2H 5M5

I hope each of those arrives speedily and safely to each intended recipient!

COMC 2013, or, send my paycheck to Redmond, WA:

As I think I may have mentioned, my latest COMC package arrived last week (making some of the above trades possible), and as I hadn't even gotten around to posting the ones I picked up in January, I decided to just combine those with this pile so I could actually get through them in a reasonable amount of time this time!

While I don't have a ton to show off over here (as usual you'll find the bulk on TMM), I do have a few I'm excited about.  In honor of the very young baseball season, here's a pickup of a fairly young Detroit Tiger:
Daniel Fields 2009 Donruss EEE auto (#502/749)

Fields, as you may remember, is the son of former Tigers hitting coach Bruce Fields (2003-2005).  If you'd like a really nice comparison that works for everything except maybe talent level, let's go with Derek Jeter; Daniel was a SS for a Michigan high school, committed to Michigan, then signed with a pro team instead.  In Fields' case, he was a 6th round pick, but Detroit made him a nice enough offer to lure him away from a schollie.  He's not among the Tigers' top 10 prospects, but he's still pretty young, so time will tell if he can turn into a productive Major Leaguer.

This is a nice hit I picked up towards the end of my second package purchase (March) at a nice, low price.  The 2008-2010 EEE sets are my favorite of the product's decade-or-so existence, and Fields makes a great design work even better with a fantastic signature, especially when you consider he was recently a high-schooler.  As a bonus, can you tell whether this is a sticker or on-card auto?  If you look a little bit above and to the right of the "N" in "Edition" you can make out the sticker a bit, but it barely shows!

I don't know if Daniel will ever even get a cup of coffee in the bigs, but I'm glad to have picked up a second auto of another guy with Detroit and UM connections.  The fact that it's such a legible, nice-looking signature is just icing on the cake.

Stay tuned for a couple more COMC posts mixed in with other content soon!

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