Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2013 trade package #17 : cool stuff from the Hot Corner

So way back at the end of March I received a great Tigers package from generous Red Sox trader/blogger DocHoloday.  I'd like to emphasize the "generous" part since another blogger and I both made a claim for his Tigers pile, and Matt split them in half yet still found a way for both of us to get fantastic stuff.

That second blogger was Pat from the Hot Corner, and he and I decided to do some further Tiger trading since we're both Detroit fans (and about 45 minutes away, though he's too close to that school that's overly fond of cows and grass--BOTH kinds).  I sent him a nice fat box, and this afternoon, my mailbox held a similar nice-sized package, discretely wrapped in brown paper.  But you guys probably don't care about what was in THAT, since I also got some cards from Pat!

He promised me a bit more help with my 2012 Topps Archives wants, and he certainly disappoint there, including a total of seven new ones for me:
That means I now just need the following:  28 29 43 81 88 93 178 188 195.  That's right, I'm now in single digits on this wantlist!

The bulk of the package, though, was Tigers.  I'd seen a chunk of them before because I think they're kind of making the rounds in trade packages between Tigers collectors, but that's totally fine.  And more importantly, I got a lot of great NEW stuff, including (but by NO means limited to):
There was a nice amount of 2013 Heritage in here, which is great since I wasn't gonna buy any packs of it.  I'll have to see how close to a team set Pat got me, but regardless, I appreciate as much as he sent.
My favorite here is the Turkey Red Granderson up top (natch), but the 80s cards on the right are cool because they're actually O-Pee-Chee.  There's another Heritage card right in the middle, which might be my first Tigers card of Hunter (though I may have also said that on this very blog recently!). 
More good player variety, including a nice group of Trams.  Meanwhile, Tettleton gives you readers TWO TICKETS TO THE GUN SHOW.  And that Verlander mini is just a teaser for the next scan... 
...which includes three more, keeping the Heritage train rolling.  Pat specifically pointed out the error on the '90 score Cuyler (you're right, I don't think he played 990 games that season either, but his stats would have been the same--let's be honest).  I was exited to see a couple Garcia pickups too, especially the Heritage multiplayer RC (I sometimes sorta like those).
Pat included so many nice vintage cards that I took the time to do two scans worth.  Here you see some '74s and '75s.  The Freehan's my favorite of the bunch, and though I already own one, I'm happy to let this one reside with the Tigers PC.
The last of the bunch includes '72s, '73s, a '78, and best of all, a Terry Fox 1962 Topps, easily one of my oldest Tigers period.  Pat didn't stop there, though, and made sure to include some nice '80s stuff as well, including some more O-Pee-Chee.

This was an excellent trade package highlighted by a nice old vintage card and the Verlander Purple Refractor, not to mention more great vintage stuff and most of my Tigers favorites all at once.  Thanks again for an outstanding trade, Pat--let's do it again soon!  Those of you reading this should get your Motown on over at Hot Corner cards.


  1. I've pulled 43, 178, 93 and 81 from Archives and will send them as past of my post-Expo package.

    1. Thanks, sounds great! I'm gonna have to pick up a pile of new stuff for you now.