Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 trade package #6: reader Jeff sends me Gibby, Grandy and many Verlanders

Quite a while back, reader Jeff W. (not to be confused with the other card-collecting Jeffs out there!) made my day by claiming my Tigers and Lions fall cleanout lots.  I finally got those out to him recently (and freed up a ton of space!), and he was nice enough to send me a package of useful Tigers back my way:
Henneman was one of my favorite late 80s/early 90s Tigers as a pretty good closer; the four-player insert is sweet, and I think it'll end up in my Granderson collection; four more Kirk Gibsons is outstanding, and I'll have to see if I needed all of them, but at least the two oddball cards should be new, if not all of them.
Nine Many Verlanders!  Again, I'm pretty sure a bunch of these are new, which means they'll go straight into his PC that I'm slowly working on scanning so I can know exactly what I have.  Since the Generation Now insert features a bunch of cards, I'm almost positive those are new, as should be the Lineage, Heritage and A&G.

Jeff, I owe you another big thanks for a great trade!  Not only did you free up some space for me, you also sent me some fantastic stuff of players I like to collect.  I hope you enjoyed your boxes of Lions and Tigers!

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