Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 trade package #5: there Arno bad cards in this Ballsy package!

A few weeks ago, Arno of I'm Ballsy posted his trade bait album in an effort to generate some new deals.  I don't know how many other deals it led to, but I quickly found some things I wanted, and after some COMC shopping for him and a few other traders, we easily arranged a deal.  I always enjoy working with new trade partners and, as many of you likely already know, Arno is supremely easy to work with, and I think we're both happy with how this deal worked out.  Here's what he sent me:
A nice eight-spot of Tigers.  The GOTG trio is easily my favorite.  I already had the Freehan for his PC, but now I have one to stash with my Tigers collection, and I definitely didn't have the Kaline and Fidrych, so those are great.  Trade rumors or know, I was glad to add a new Porcello, too.

And now for the REALLY good stuff that spurred the deal:
J.J. Putz 2012 Topps Allen and Ginter Mini A and G Red Back (#14/25)
I think this is the first card I noticed that really made me want to get this trade going.  Those of you who follow my other blog may know that Putz is one of the many Wolverine baseball players I'm trying to supercollect, and this is one of his tougher pulls, so instead of banging my head on the wall trying to find it for a good price on the interwebs, I traded for it instead.  The various mini versions don't really matter all that much to me since I'm not much of a Ginterphile, but I do like the hand-numbering here, which is a nice touch.  Anyway, it's really nice to have this one out of the way, and with other cards pending, the only mini I currently lack is the "no card number" version.

Alan Trammell 2011 Limited Greats Signatures auto (#154/499)
This was another card I knew I had to have.  Limited may not have been able to use team logos, but even that can't detract from Tram's beautiful signature.  The design works well, too, and from just looking at the scan you'd be hard-pressed to tell that the auto comes on a sticker, which is a big-time plus for Panini here.  I'm proud to say that I can now boast of two Trammell autographs to go with a pair of bat relics in my PC!
Justin Verlander 2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection Quad Swatch Memorabilia quad jersey (with Billingsley, Carmona, Chamberlain) (#070/400)
That's a mouthful of a card title, but there's a lot going on here!  Obviously I grabbed this quad jersey because of JV, but it's kind of cool having a multiplayer relic with those other three guys, too.  This is my sixth Verlander relic (and second from the Ballpark set) to go with a pair of autographs, and it makes for a nice way to end this well-rounded package.

Thanks again for an easy trade, Arno!  As you wrote on the envelope, I promise to "keep it Ballsy!" in my own way.  If you're reading this, please make sure to head on over to his great blog, and if you're in the trading mood, don't forget to take a peek at his trade bait!


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    1. Thanks, dude. All the credit goes to Arno and his excellent trade bait. I guess some of you Californians are all right.

    2. I finally posted about our trade: Southern California - \m/

    3. Hell yeah! Nice post, I'll make sure to comment over there as well.

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    1. You too, buddy, let's do it again soon!