Tuesday, November 13, 2012

COMC haul #7: Action Jackson

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Well, what a difference a few weeks can make, eh?  The last time I posted a COMC pickup of Austin Jackson, the Tigers and Giants had yet to begin their World Series clash.  Obviously that didn't work out so well for Detroit fans, but it was still nice to be in it.

Anyway, I promised in that post that the fairly cool card I showed off that day would be bettered by the OTHER AJax I landed in my flurry of purchases.  Feast your eyes on this guy and decide for yourselves:
Austin Jackson 2011 Topps Triple Threads Sepia triple jersey auto (#74/75)
My first thought:  the "Future Phenoms" title grabs me, and because Jackson has blossomed into a star since the card's release, I can't help but reference Futurama, given that Austin's future is NOW:
Besides that, my main reaction is that this is a very spiffy card.  Standard Triple Threads complaints apply, of course, but since most of those have to do with paying the idiot tax of actually buying a box, I actually have zero complaints.  This is just a pleasing design with some nice colors that compliment Detroit's uniforms, and a pretty nice layout.  Even better:  you won't believe how much of a steal this was.  I'll spare you the random guesses:  it was a cool $5.  YA RLY.  The main reason:  a condition note due to minor damage, with that damage being some peeling/bending of the olde English "D" over the center swatch.  You can kinda see it right under the "P" in "Phenoms."  Somehow I saw past this incredibly apparent blemish and plunked down my $5 anyway--I'm such a trooper!

So all in all, nice card, and a nice addition to my Tigers PC since I now have an AJax relic, manupatch, and auto/jersey.  I can't help but feel good about growing my collection of one of MLB's future (and current) stars with a bargain such as this!

Watch for more Tigers goodness soon--maybe this time I won't wait almost two weeks!

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