Monday, November 12, 2012

A happy Novem-Brie trade package from PTSIA

Note:  sorry it's been 11 days since my last post over here.  No excuses, just laziness!

Greg Z. of PTSIA and I are similar guys.  Sure, I don't live out on the left coast and play hipster sports, but that's about the only difference.  I mean, we both collect a pitcher named Clayton and another guy named/nicknamed "Getz," and we both have the hots for this lil' gal:
In fact, I received the following admonishment from the "Founder, Card Blogger Alison Brie Fan Club":  "Go Alison Brie, Go.  Put her in the trade post please."  So here's a bit more of Annie and Annie's Boobs (the boobs, not the monkey):
Please note:  if your favorite actress doesn't have something similar title to "14 Boob-tastic Alison Brie Animated GIFs" then I guess she's not all that great, now, is she?

Anyway, a few weeks ago I sent Greg a bunch of stuff he wanted, which he posted, and now I'm posting the stuff he sent back that's relevant to this here blog:
Some oddball Tigers.  These were sort of folded up and held together somehow, and I did a crappy job of getting them separated, but I mean, hey, everybody loves Villie Hernandez, right?
Here's a Ty Cobb insert that I'm sure some of you have seen, but let's be honest, you're all interested in seeing the next card:
Curtis Granderson 2009 Topps Career Best dual jersey
Here's a lovely Granderson double jersey that I definitely needed.  It's a pretty simple design, but I really like how the red makes the card pop for some reason.  This was easily one of my favorite cards of the package, because I can always use more Granderson Tigers stuff, relics or base--doesn't matter!

I'll get a post up on the other blog to show off the real cool Michigan stuff he sent me, I promise, and then I'll make sure to link it up over here so the two of you who are interested can check that out.
Edit:  that post can be found right here.

Thanks, Greg, for another awesome trade!



    Enjoyed the post, looking forward to the Michigan counterpart!

    and thanks again of course for the great trade!

    1. Brie Brothers, UNITE! Form of: ANNIE'S BOOBS!

  2. Zakwin is a cool dude. Sadly, I am not hip enough to cruise to the west side of LA to join him for kickball.

    1. you should! you are always welcome.

    2. Aw, come on! You could name your team "Nomo's Sushi Plaschke!"

    3. YES YES YES


      YOU MUST.

  3. and now that you mention it, I guess kickball can be considered hipster haha.

    1. If you're playing kickball and you're not in elementary school, I hate to break it to you, but you're a hipster, son.

    2. My creeper mustache would probably make me something else, so I'll take hipster and run with it.