Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Take my piles, please! #2: Tampa Bay Rays

Still available:  Cleveland Indians
Reminder of how this works:  Please see the first post in the series here

Today's team package:  the Tampa Bay Rays:

Size of package:  a reasonably comfortable fit in a 400-count box

Players include:   (players in bold/red are fairly abundant, especially compared to the rest)
Rocco Baldelli, Wade Boggs, Reid Brignac, Jose Canseco, Carl Crawford, Cliff Floyd, Matt Garza, Jonny Gomes, Josh Hamilton, Aubrey Huff, Desmond Jennings, Scott KazmirEvan Longoria, Tino Martinez, Carlos Pena, David Price, James Shields, B.J. Upton, Dan Wheeler, Delmon Young

A small sampling:

Extras:  claim this package and I'll include these from my trade bait:
Plus, these that I just dug up:
(A couple CYMTO regular backs and a Turkey Red)

If you would like this package, please claim it by leaving a comment below.  I prefer comments so everyone can see when a package has been claimed.  Please only claim a team if you definitely want it, since doing otherwise would be very inconsiderate, and frankly, a dick move.

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