Monday, October 15, 2012

e-'dres I bought with PadrePal

Late last week I was hot on the trail of a PC card and another hit I wanted to pick up for another blogger.  Both were from the same seller, and while I was at it I went ahead and won another of his auctions because, hey, free shipping.  Well, I didn't win either of the two I was hoping for, but I was damned if I was going down like that (and paying $3 shipping for one card).  So I nabbed two others, also at minimum bid, steal-level prices:  one for me and one I'll be using in a trade very soon.  Here's the two I picked up for me:
Dave Winfield 2002 Topps Archives Reserve bat
I loves me some Topps Archives/Reserve relics.  Don't believe me for some reason?  Well then, friend, feast your eyes on this, this, this, this, or this.  I just love the Refractor-y look plus the combination of reprint card and relic.  And I really am a fan of Winfield, a HOFer whose career spanned long enough for me to enjoy part of it.  He was simply an amazing athlete in sport that's now become heavy on one-dimensional players.  By the way, that's Dave's 1979 Topps reprinted next to the slab of bat.  This card allows me to get rid of a Yankee and send it to a collector who'll appreciate it--BA Benny will be getting the Yankees jersey of Winfield I pulled way, way back!  And the winning bid, you ask?  $1.76.
Tony Gwynn 2002 Topps Reserve jersey
Ordinarily this isn't a card I would make a fuss about, but Gwynn is a guy I enjoy collecting very much, and since I was after a small combined-shipping splurge, $1.56 didn't exactly threaten to break the bank.  I now have five relics (and an auto) of the former face of the Padres, so this cheap relic pickup was certainly a coup for me.

Add in another $1.79 for the third card, a dual relic, plus $3 combined shipping, and you get three excellent hits for just a hair over $8.  I guess you could call this purchase a Win-Gwynn!


  1. Great finds! Huge fan of the Padres and of course #19.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, plenty of reasons to be a fan of both of these legends. Not bad for $4 either!