Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Great Sports trade package with a Freehan that wasn't solo

Tim from GSNHOF (who's a recent newlywed, by the way, so make sure to say congrats!) let me know he'd be sending me a package of stuff, especially thanks to his success with Listia, and lo and behold, said package arrived yesterday.  Besides throwing in a few Lions, he sent me this great bunch of cards representing your 2012 American League champions (yeah, I'm calling it--stick a fork in the Yankees):
Let's see, we've got today's beast of a starter and probable winner; Boesch, whom the Tigers haven't missed much, I guess, since he was left off the postseason roster; Verlander, who needs no introduction; a Mark Fidrych I definitely didn't have because I don't have nearly enough of his stuff!; an excellent Freehan that made me smile because it has a mark in the upper-left corner where it was obviously pinned up; and a Freehan I DIDN'T have--his 1969 Topps Deckle Edge, which I had recently decided to pursue as part of his PC, so great timing, Tim!  What's hilarious is that in the very same batch of mail I received this card which I won on eBay:
Oops!  Oh well, now I have a pair of outstanding '69 Topps Freehans to do with whatever I please!  So thanks to Tim (since I opened his package first), I have 31 Freehans, not including my COMC pickups I have yet to scan.

Thanks again for a great trade, Tim!  I also have a post over on TMM showing off the Wolverines he included, so make sure to check those out, but feel free to head on over to the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame first!


  1. Glad you liked the goodies enough for two posts! And thanks for the congratulations - feels good to be married!

    1. For sure--you sent me plenty of each so I was able to get two posts out of it easy.

      Did anybody get you guys anything of Seneca Wallace for a wedding present? ;-)