Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Take my piles, please! #1: Cleveland Indians

I think I've been pretty clear that I've been working to narrow my collection lately, as many of you have as well.  As such, I've done a lot of sifting and sorting--why did I use to think I needed this stuff?!--and I'm feeling much better about what I'm keeping.

Here's where you all come in:  I've sorted all these unwanted cards by team, and I'll be doing one of these posts for each of them.  A few rules and (sure-to-be) FAQs:

  • You won't see one of these for every single MLB team for various reasons; I have one for most, but don't be surprised if I skip your favorite team because I didn't have enough or any of them, or because I'm setting those aside for a pending/future trade
  • I won't necessarily be going in alphabetical order either, just so you're all aware
  • What's in these packages?  Each post includes a rough overview that tries to describe what you can expect.  Feel free to ask for more detail, though of course I'm not going to list every single card!  But what you can expect, on average, is a stuffed bubble mailer (a few teams) or ~400/550 count box that includes cards from the 80s (just a few, honestly) through now--base, RCs and inserts.  In some cases I may also include slightly better stuff from my trade bait.
  • What do I want in return?  I'm asking for ONE of two things:  either the actual shipping cost, or a reasonable fair trade package
  • So, the shipping option?  Once you confirm for me that you want the team and shoot me your address, I'll haul your cards down to the post office, get them shipped and send you your package, then shoot you an email with the shipping total, which is payable to me via Paypal (goods is fine since it doesn't make a huge difference to me and I'm happy for you to be covered).  This is entirely a non-profit process (unless you somehow make one) and intended to clear out space for me and beef up your collection on the cheap.
  • What if I prefer trading?  Well, so do I, really.  That process will be thus:  claim your team, I ship the cards to you, then within a reasonable period of up to two months, you ship me something in return so we're square
  • What do you want in trade?  I'm not gonna ask the moon for this stuff; what I'd really like if nothing else, to be honest, is stuff you don't want/need that fits my collections (or Michigan Wolverines).  I'm gonna be a bit pickier here, though, because I'm trying to keep things pared down.  Therefore, I fleshed out the Tigers I collect a bit better, and I'll happily take any of them and even most Tigers that I didn't list, and the only exceptions are the players listed on that page:  Jim Leyland, Dmitri Young, Juan Gonzlez, Gerald Laird and Gary Sheffield.  The only player whose uniform I'm a stickler about is Curtis Granderson, so feel free to send me White Sox Magglios if you want.  While I'm at it, I'll take any help I can get with my baseball and football wantlists linked above
  • Gee, is that all?  I'm not as picky as I sound above--remember, the key for me here is getting rid of unwanted cards, so I'll take whatever you feel like sending me, and feel free to just send a few cards if you want!  If you have a small handful of Verlanders and Lou Whitakers, that's a great return for me in my book, and I won't complain about anything that comes my way, so don't be afraid to claim a team!

Ok, on with today's team package:  the Cleveland Indians:

Size of package:  a very stuffed 400 count box

Players include:   (players in bold/red are fairly abundant, especially compared to the rest)
Roberto Alomar, Fausto Carmona Shin Soo Choo, Bartolo Colon, Brian Giles, Juan Gonzalez, Travis Hafner, Cliff Lee, Victor Martinez, Eddie Murray, Brandon Phillips, Manny Ramirez, C.C. Sabathia, Grady Sizemore, Jim Thome, Omar Vizquel

A small sampling:

Extras:  claim this package and I'll include these from my trade bait:
 (NOTE:  this has been opened.  Big whoop...)

If you would like this package, please claim it by leaving a comment below.  I prefer comments so everyone can see when a package has been claimed.  Please only claim a team if you definitely want it, since doing otherwise would be very inconsiderate, and frankly, a dick move.

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