Friday, August 10, 2012

That's a nice rack! (More 2012 Topps retail)

Despite the fact that my mailbox has experienced a deluge of new cardboard, I'm going to delay getting to that stuff one more day to cover a bit more of my latest obsession:  2012 Topps football.  You saw how I did the other day, so the last two days I've gone back for more:  eight more racks on Thursday and a blaster and one more hanger this afternoon.  My relative despair over my progress towards the set, especially the bigger stuff, led to the addition purchases.

While the eight racks didn't yield much (besides a very much-needed RGIII RC, seen below), they did at least put me a bit closer to a base set and a couple of the inserts I'm working on.

Today's hanger didn't do much for me, either, besides giving me even MORE doubles (and up through SEXTUPLES) to trade.

The blaster, however, was another story.  While I initially didn't consider it the greatest investment, it certainly paid off, in the form of the Andrew Luck RC below,
...which, oddly enough, was the very last card I pulled from the blaster.  Except for this guy, my guaranteed Captain's manupatch:
W00t!  Now there's something I can try to sell to get some of the insane amount of money I spent back!  For those of you who were planning on asking, the number of filled-in stars (four in this case) shows how long that player has been a captain.

I'm finally under 100 cards needed for the base set, so hopefully I'm done buying packs.  Next up should be a sweet trade with Colbey once he receives and busts his box (and a bunch of retail too!).

Also, hopefully I'll soon get back to the usual content.  For now I have a trade post, eBay pickup and some other stuff in the pipeline, plus a few pending trades, so keep an eye out for good stuff soon!


  1. Now you're just teasing me! Nice manu patch!

    1. Haha, yeah, I knew you'd like that one! Sorry it won't be for trade, but it may very well end up paying for the blaster I pulled it from. That's ok, there'll be other Saints I send to you before long.

  2. Those Captain manu patches look really nice. Ive got to pick up the Panthers cards eventually.

    1. Oh yeah, I totally want to grab the ones for Charles Woodson and Jake Long if/when they come back down to earth.