Saturday, August 11, 2012

Moe trade posts: Larry sends me a JV

Ok, back to stuff that I think more of you will find interesting:

One of the envelopes I received this week was one that I wasn't really expecting.  I did recall that I had sent a ton of my unwanted D-Backs to Larry/Moe of My 2008 Topps Set Blog.  When I did, he promised he had something he knew I'd like in return.  As is my way, I completely forgot about it until I received a bubble mailer with a familiar name on it (and, very helpfully, a big "MOE" on the back!).  It including two things:
To the bloggers that send these in trade packages:  please keep it up!  I occasionally enjoy flipping through the different promotional items people send me, and I may do a post covering what I have so far at some point.  For now, this sticker joins very good company.

The other item was of a bit more interest to me, though:
This here is a Justin Verlander 2012 Topps Historical Stitches manupatch.  To be fair, I've ragged on Topps manurelics like this quite a bit.  However, I reserve the right to reverse my stance when a player I like is in question, especially my current favorite Tiger by a mile, Justin Verlander.  And I do have to say, at least in this case, this is an awesome looking card in-person.

Thanks again for the deal, Larry!  To honor such a great trader and fellow Simpsons aficionado, please to enjoy the following (sorry I couldn't find the originals):

The rest of you should head on over to see the amazing job Larry's done on his 2008 Topps autograph project and other endeavors, including collecting Diamondbacks and Luis Aparicio!

Thanks, Larry!


  1. Haha good stuff, man! Glad you liked the Verlander.


    1. Oh yeah, for sure--that was definitely out of the blue. When you said you had something you knew I'd like, I had no idea it would be something like that! Thanks again!