Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Freehan, Solo

Another day, another fun eBay arrival:
Bill Freehan 2002 Topps Archives Bat Relics bat
The second relic card (and first bat) of my Freehan PC (reminder:  checklist here) is a sweet Topps Archives reprint of this card,

...Freehan's 1968 Topps appearance.  I was glad to pick it up with a best offer mainly because I hadn't seen one show up til now, plus I really like the design of this set (including this Yaz, which I also own), which combines a reprint of a card with a relic while reprinting the original back like so:
Odd placement of the sticker aside (though where else would you put it, other than maybe to the LEFT of the cartoon?), this is a great addition to the PC.

I'm still not done getting everything I have of him scanned, but that shouldn't take very long because I only own a few more cards of his I haven't posted yet.

Stay tuned for more Freehan goodness in a few weeks, whenever COMC's shipping prices change and I get my huge port shipped!


  1. Awesome Freehan. Love it. You don't see GU cards of his come around much.

    1. Thanks, and yeah, I meant it when I said this is the only copy of this card I've ever seen. I grabbed a few more things on COMC and those will show up here eventually. I need all the Freehans I can get at this point!