Thursday, August 23, 2012

Collecting on a trade with Colbey for some fly 2012 Topps

Because Colbey and I are both chasing 2012 Topps football, naturally we hooked up for a trade that greatly benefited both of our goals of completing the base set and some other inserts.  Oddly enough, I think we were almost even in terms of the total number of cards we sent.

My haul included enough base cards to get me down to 48 needed (please check the wantlist if you think you can help!) a few Paramount Pairs, QB Immortals and RC Reprints I needed, and in his generosity, a couple Game Time Giveaway Codes I'm hoping to sell on Blowout today if possible.

Here are some highlights:
There's the usual Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot group card, two new Lions--Kellen Moore and Ryan Broyles, and the five QB RC Reprints he sent, including legends Dan Marino and Joe Montana.

A big thanks again to you, Colbey, for being an outstanding trader as always--I hope we both finish our sets soon!  Show a great guy some love by checking out one of his typically awesome affordable group breaks going on now.

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