Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trade with Dustin: a pair of Tigers not named Granderson

Dustin and I met up last Saturday for some awesome batting cage action, though both of us were rusty enough that "awesome" became more like "not entirely terrible at hitting slowly pitched balls."  Not bad for our first time out this summer, though, and hopefully there's more of that on the horizon.

Anyway, he mentioned he was bringing a couple cards along that I might like, and here they are:

These are 2011 Topps Diamond Die-Cuts of Tigers Austin Jackson and Max Scherzer.  As it turns out, Dustin was correct that I like these very much.  I'm glad I didn't have to jump through Topps' hoops of entering 250 codes to get something decent and can enjoy the fruits of someone else's labor!  As much as I rag on Topps, these really are nice cards to have (I just think their giveaway system needs a drastic overhaul, though not before someone gives them an emergency cranial-rectal extraction first) and will fit into my Tigers collection very nicely.

Really, my only nit with the cards themselves at all is that Jackson's features a pretty glaring error:  on the back, it states that his "Diamond Deed" came "...in a 6-4 win over the Tigers on September 4, 2010."  Uh, guys?  He plays for the Tigers--he didn't beat himself.

Anyway, like the football versions, the die-cut design of these is very cool, so I definitely appreciate the haul.  Thanks, Dustin--I'll get you back the next time we hit up a card show, maybe with some Mariners, assuming none of them have been traded to the desperate Yankees by then.


  1. I'm glad you like them. I'm only working on player collections and Gypsy Queen so it's good that I can find some cards to trade away haha. Hopefully we'll find something sweet at the next card show!

    1. Sounds good--hopefully we can find one or the other for you.