Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring cleaning means fun stuff for YOU!

So I've been doing a bit of spring cleaning in my basement as I continue to try to consolidate years worth of collecting madness into something more reasonable.  Why does that benefit you?  Because I'm making all of this available for trade/sale.  I have a feeling most if you, if you're interested in anything at all, will prefer to trade, and I'm 100% on board with that.  What I'm asking for now is that you let me know what you're interested in, then we work out a deal, keeping in mind that most of this stuff is a little goofy in terms of shipping logistics, upping the cost for me a bit.  But I promise to be fair, and in the interest of getting this stuff out of my place and into your willing hands, I'll be as easy to work with as possible.  So here's what I have up for grabs:

Donruss Preferred tins
Just Hank Aaron Figure
Retro Lunchbox Griffey (front)
Retro Lunchbox Mantle (back)
Alou SLU

Baerga SLU

Canseco SLU

Cedeno SLU

Conine SLU

Edmonds SLU (2001)

Edmonds SLU (1998)

Garciaparra SLU (2001)

Garciaparra SLU (1999) 
Giambi SLU

Justice SLU

Millwood SLU

Palmeiro SLU (1998)

Palmeiro SLU (1996)

Piazza SLU

Williamson SLU

Jeter and Garciaparra Topps Screen Plays hologram cards in tins

Garciaparra and Jeter Screen Plays tins (bottom)

USA Basketball SLU set (2000)
I realize not everything here is in pristine condition--note the SLU price stickers, box dents, etc.--but I'm not out to make money on these, they're here for collectors who will enjoy them. So please leave comments (first come, first served) letting me know your interests and we'll make a deal!


  1. Canseco SLU,Conine SLU,USA Basketball SLU set (2000),Retro Lunchbox Mantle let me

    1. Wrote you back, still waiting to hear from you on a trade!

  2. I remember buying the 97 Donruss Preferred tins, I thought those were the coolest cards back then.

    1. Yeah, they were nice cards too, but the tins were a fun idea. I haven't even posted my collection of Pinnacle Inside cans yet...